A fight for freedom

SHARE   |   Sunday, 21 June 2015   |   By Ludo Nkabiti

The BMDYL would like to join Africa as it celebrates the worth and existence of an African Child. This day takes us back to the Apartheid era in South Africa where the black children were summoned to poor education with a native language; students could not embody this; they embarked on a fight; a fight for their right to education and a fight to liberty.
A fight for freedom! They emerged victorious. It is in this fight that we learn the worth of an African child, the strength and intelligence planted in them by God. It in such a fight that we learn that indeed "Botlhale jwa phala bo tswa Phalaneng", we learn that Jesus was genuine when he said "tlogelang bana ba tle gonna, gonne ke bone bogosi jwa legodimo".
African countries then came together and made this day a commemoration. This year's theme "Accelerating our collective efforts to end Child marriage" is a child's cry to the elderly to help raise awareness and prevent child marriages. When a child is expected to be in class learning and shapinģ their futures, parents give them for marriage depriving them the right to education and other rights. This happens mostly in the case of the girl child. Parents must know that child marriage is not a step out of poverty and desist from such an act. However one can argue to say the child must be in an assertive position to defend herself and refuse such. There are many organizations that children can seek attention from if they do not agree with the parents pertaining the marriage.
Hail the African Child hail!!
Ludo Nkabiti-Deputy Secretary General

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