BMD need self-inspection and stock taking

SHARE   |   Sunday, 21 June 2015   |   By Leak Seboko
BMDYL President, Phenyo Segokgo BMDYL President, Phenyo Segokgo

The Botswana Movement for Democracy goes to an elective congress sometime in the near future. Coming to think of this major event billed up for July I decided to air my views on a number of few critical and relevant issues in my opinion. As we celebrate five years as a party, it is only appropriate and relevant that we self –inspect, evaluate and check if we are still the party that we wanted to be five years ago. This will not be anything out of the ordinary, it happens in every institution that takes its mandate serious, especially in political organisations that consider themselves to be The Government in waiting.
Allow me to remind you of some of the moments which I believe still remain vividly clear to you all. Over the past five years, we have managed to stay on top of our game and remain to date as a political force to reckon with.
In 2010 -2011 the party received members each and every day mostly from the ruling BDP, the ruling party structures collapsed every day with their members joining the movement, the press-conferences were held every week to welcome both ordinary and prominent members of the society into the party, the party held rallies across the country, mobilization was intense, the youth were greatly involved and consulted in many decisions made, Batswana who were not involved in politics previously showed much interest and support, it was a party for everyone, young and old felt mutual inclination to the organization regardless of what they had or what they did not have, life was much simpler and easier, all that happened at the time was to address the day to day bread and butter issues that affect Batswana and they got the message instantly. This was a party that many young and old people were able to identify with, this reminds me of the hype and excitement which may seem to be slowly but surely fading away in some quarters of the country and the party. Unity, Love, Cooperation, Hard work, commitment was displayed by the then Interim-Committee (Exco), Bravo to those who served in Exco at the time.
Years have gone by, political landscape has tilted a bit, difference in opinions has become a common feature, Party elders involving themselves in youth matters has become an issue of concern to some, Opposing certain actions of the party officials in some corners is perceived disobedient and indiscipline, losing some areas of elections due to “supposed” back stabbing and lack of support from comrades is also cropping in, Individual opinions versus Reasons by the Movement is on the rife, cheap politics of propaganda rather than the real substance and content are gaining momentum and in some cases the few privileged come first and everyone else comes last.
The time has come now for you my fellow Mk’s to asses yourself, assess the progress of the party, the progress made by the leadership, the direction in which we are heading, analyse the crop of leaders we have in the party and entrust those who are ready to take this party to greater heights with the mandate of leading the organisation by electing them Members of the National Executive Committee. All the best to all those aspiring to be leaders of the Movement and May the Good Lord guide your thoughts, emotions, your decisions and your choices.
Leak Mallet Seboko

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