Is the UDC project an enemy unto itself

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 30 June 2015   |   By Douglas Mokenane

In IT Governance & Risk Management, people are the greatest threat to Information Security and Data Integrity. It is even so in human life, as other species can be mitigated but humans.
Cdes, it is imperative that we restore the ideals for which the movement was formed for at inception. As of late there has been so much animosity among yourselves. This intra-relation is critical in the envisaged unity of purpose that forms the bedrock of the creation & existence of MOONO.
Those of you that broke from that retarded party know well why you are here. Factionalism had dire consequences at your past political home. It is expected that you be the ones pushing for annihilation of that disease and stop it from engulfing this here great movement that brought much needed vibrancy and modern interest to politics among our middle class and the youth at large.
From our youth days growing up, we have been lectured upon to learn that there are little things that can cause harm to our own happiness, whose building took an enormous amount of resources. Let us go back to the old days of saying "I am sorry" when we have wronged our own. Let us also remember to make it habitual to always say "thank you" to appreciate the good that others have done, and continue to do.
There has recently been so much doubt, mistrust, dishonesty, dislike, disdain, hatred and unrest among our own. A cherry on top has seemingly been indiscipline and back-stabbing. Accusations and counter-accusations have been flying thick and fast with one group labeling the other as traitors, sell outs, zealots, e.t.c. There is rich talk that some plan to depose the current leaderships at member parties. While such is part of democratic dispensation, the actual reasons informing the ouster are not forthcoming. The writer refuses to believe founding members of SHAPA, who resigned for various reasons, could be having a hand in a plan to destabilize Project UDC as alleged! This here is a situation not so good for the future of our mighty project......MOONO.
This goes on to supplicate that members of the movement who have become a threat to its existence, must repent forthrightly. It also calls for leaders to LEAD, and members must accept to be LED. These, everyone must do with vigour and committed resilience.
Unite Cdes/MKs unite, and unite, and unite and unite forever!
Douglas K Mokenane

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