Fellow democrats, let’s rally behind Eric Molale

SHARE   |   Sunday, 26 July 2015   |   By Goitseone Baboletse
Molale Molale

I apologise to my fellow democrats for addressing this matter through the media. I also hope that democrats will agree with me that the fact that Kgosi Lotlaamoreng of Barolong shall be contesting against our party, it means this elections shall be done on tribal and community grounds. It is possible that if we don’t address what Fankie Motsaathebe and his crew are intending to do that we will lose a significant chunk of our BDP members to the rival UDC in the upcoming Mabule – Goodhope bye elections. Fankie Motsaathebe and crew should not be allowed to take the Botswana Democratic Party back to the Ignatius Moswaane and White Marobela saga where the BDP was forced to be an observer in that Francistown election that was contested by the UDC and the BCP whilst the BDP was still busy fighting its internal battles in court.   It is becoming increasingly clear that just as White Marobela did, Fankie is adamant that if he is not allowed to contest the bye election then the party will not be represented.
I am one of the democrats who never took serious allegations and rumours that Fankie Motsaathebe and his crew have been seen in meetings with Umbrella for Democratic Change leaders in the Goodhope - Mabule constituency. It is only when I learnt that Fankie is seriously contemplating to challenge the results of the BDP primary elections that he lost to Eric Molale to an extent that he is seeking the services of Attorney Dick Bayford that I realised that this is too much of a problem to be ignored.
With only three weeks left for the Goodhope – Mabule bye elections to be held, we can’t afford as a party to ignore any signs of destabilising the party and the constituency in question. We should be more vigilant when Fankie is engaging with UDC leaders and Dick Bayford to challenge the BDP processes. We all know that Dick Bayford is an opposition operative who has actually never shied away from making such public himself. Colliding with Dick Bayford and UDC leaders by Fankie is going against the BDP. We must never forget the embarrassment that White Marobela threw at us.
Elections come and go. We can’t all win elections and losing elections does not mean that we are pronounced more less of party members than those who have vectored. It simply means the campaign processes have worked in the way of a competitor. I was amongst the young people who fully rallied behind Fankie, I wanted a young person to win. I ignored all the bad he has done in the past that I prefer not to dwell into as they ae an open secret both within the party and our constituency. Eric Molale has defeated us because we also failed to convince other young people not to contents and rally behind Fankie. We also failed ourselves, but the BDP has won.
I see elsewhere that those who do not want Eric Molale as the BDP choice are insinuating that he must resign his specially elected Member of Parliament position and his cabinet position before the bye elections can be held. This is disturbing because it is not the opposition block but the BDP members who are saying this. If the law does not require Eric Molale to resign his positions before the bye elections why are we then pursuing such an agenda?


If we are not careful and allow Fankie and his opposition friends to pursue a challenge against Molale, we are risking the courts to have an opportunity to instruct the Independent Electoral Commission to not accept Eric Molale as a BDP representative as it happened in Francistown bye elections. The BCP and the UDC will be left to contest alone and we all know that the UDC will simply snatch the constituency which has always belonged to the BDP. This is a huge opportunity for the BDP to redeem itself in the Goodhope – Mabule constituency and Fankie must not be allowed to deny us such an opportunity.
We are contesting against a strong candidate in Kgosi Lotlaamoreng. History has proved that Batswana always prefer a traditional leader against anyone who contest against them in a national position such as this one. We can only win this battle if we unite and rally behind the chosen candidate in Eric Molale. If we do not unite and rally behind Eric Molale and allow Fankie to destabilise us, then we might as well save our resources as early as now as our chances will be very slim if existent at all.
I have done my part in pleading with Fankie Motsaathebe to stop teaming up with opposition operatives against the BDP and it is up to my fellow democrats in our constituency and region to also do their part and talk to Fankie. He must not be selfish. Yes, he has helped a lot of us for free in our various legal tussles, but that should not mean it was a political capital to own the constituency such that when he loses he rather rally behind the opposition. I still like Fankie so much and I will rally behind him again in the 2018 elections when he tries his luck. But I do not appreciate the night and secret meetings he is having with the opposition block against the BDP.
Mrs. Goitseone Sarah Baboletse
BDP Member – Goodhope

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