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SHARE   |   Sunday, 26 July 2015   |   By Tolerance Itumeleng
Some of the BMD Youth at UB stadium during the memorial service of their former leader Motswaledi Some of the BMD Youth at UB stadium during the memorial service of their former leader Motswaledi

Botswana Movement for Democracy congregated over the long holidays in Ghanzi. This was the 3rd National congress for our movement under the theme ‘In pursuit of Gomolemo Motswaledi’s ideals towards 2019 and beyond’. Having been the first congress without our founding president Mk Gomolemo Motswaledi, it was always going to be a very difficult time but the party has emerged more united and more energised and very optimistic about the future.
As it was expected, the congress was very successful, very peaceful and very progressive. Out of 57 constituencies, 47 of them were present and represented. It was a fierce and closely contested congress and what was more exciting is that we observed the unfolding of a democratic process. This was for the first time in the history of the BMD that almost all executive positions were contested for. This can only mean that the party is growing at a very fast pace. It is important to note that there was only one winner at the end of the day which is the BMD itself. We are grateful that the members have spoken and have given a clear mandate to the newly elected NEC.
The Youth League is very excited from the outcomes of this congress. Of note is the fact that out of the 3 resolutions that the Youth League had wanted to push, two of them were successful and were adopted by congress. The issue of the UDC, where each party forming the umbrella shall seize all their party activities 22 months before general elections was successfully adopted by congress. We are also happy that the issue of nomination from branches for those who want to stand for NEC positions also was welcomed by the party faithful. We view this as a great success as the youth league and thank all delegates for heeding our call. What is even more positive is the fact that about 60% of delegates were young people and youth league members. This is a clear indication that young people have space and a role to play within the organization. The BMD takes young people very seriously and it’s a message to all young people in the country that BMD is a home for you. This is the party of choice.
We are very happy that our comrades have accepted the results without reservations. This is an indication of political maturity and respect for internal party processes. It is a very positive sign of success within the BMD. We want to wish those who succeeded a very successful term of office and would like to assure the newly elected NEC that the youth league is fully behind them. We are more than prepared to work very closely with you under the stewardship of Mk Ndaba Gaolatlhe and his team of strong men and women who we believe in and trust. To comrades who couldn’t make it to the NEC, please note that there are many ways you can serve this movement we dearly love. We expect all of you to rally behind this leadership and provide the kind of support they will need. The road to 2019 is tougher than any road ever travelled. We want to encourage you to make yourselves available to serve in any capacity the party will want to deploy you; we need each other more than ever before. The UDC needs all of you. We are a strategic partner of the UDC and we want all of you to now focus on 2019 and ensure that all resources and energies should be towards ensuring government change is 2019. We need to push the ideals of Rre Motswaledi and ensure that his legacy lives on and is protected. We should ensure that the party revives structures and its recruitment drive and work tirelessly to raise funds so that 2019 we can make history.
The BMD prides itself as a very united and peaceful organisation as depicted in Ghanzi. We want all our members to stand behind the NEC and give them an opportunity to lead and execute their duties. As the president said during his opening speech, peace and unity coupled with BOTHO should be the order of the day within this party. Batswana believe in us and we must never let them down nor deviate from their expectations. We want to plead with all BMD members and sympathisers that for the sake of the party, this country and the future generations that we remain united and resolute.
We wish the newly elected NEC a successful term of office.
Tolerance Itumeleng
BMDYL Secretary General

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