SHARE   |   Sunday, 02 August 2015   |   By Amogelang Sekelemani
Saleshando Saleshando

At the very onset, let me thank all the BCP members who participated in the congress for having voted wisely to be their leader together with your fellow committee members who believe vehemently on opposition unity.I had to pen this letter to you Mr Dumelang Saleshando even thou I do not like communicating with elders in such platforms, after I listened to you in Botswana National Television when asked about the issue of opposition cooperation. This concern has been the central of the BCP congress after its dismal performance in the past 2014generalelection. I happily want to appreciate the fact that as a leader you took a full responsibility for the poor results and promised that you will ensure that your party reorganise for the future.

However, let me advice you Comrade in struggle that there is only one way out to resuscitate the BCP in order to continue remaining relevant to the voters is to consider joining other opposition parties. As I listened to your deliberations during the interview you confidently expressed that as the party you have to listen to the customers who have strongly expressed their interest on the need of united opposition to wrestle power from the fragile BDP.On that note you further mentioned that through all sorts of forums people have shown the need for change of regime and yearning for a new government with very sound policies to improve the socio-economic welfare. Mr President, I recall in the last general elections you vowed that any party not joining the umbrella project should be penalized at the polls and that’s why BCP attained poor elections results. As a political leader you are the custodian of the electorates and you need to deliver your promises without fail at all cost.

I heard you on National Television making public statement that as the BCP you confidently believe that change of regime is certain through opposition unity. Therefore, make sure that promise is accomplished as failure to keep those words will be a disgrace to us.As the youth in this country we are experiencing high unemploymentrate,poor education system, deteriorations of family bonds due to poverty ,poor living conditions, and government programmes benefitting only a few. During commencement of the negotiation please put the citizens who are suffering as a priority as you make decisions on way forward on the collaboration. Mr President this country need political solutions to the existing crisis and you are the hope for us without your party’s presence on cooperation it may be a long walk for UDC to topple the current regime.

We confidently think that the presence of  the BCP in the umbrella model will add more flesh to the bones to ensure that we have the energy to run the race with endurance that has being set before us focusing at the upcoming general election. On a serious note,we do not want the project to fail on technicalities as there aremany ways of killing a cat so at the end there has to be a consensus on how to work together .There are burning issues reported to havepreviously led to failure during the first umbrella model one project negotiations; such as allocation of constituency on party positions. However, we will not condone such reasons anymore as they do not hold water but only delay progress towards attaining state power.On the other hand, when in government there are so many leadership positions with worthy remuneration andassumed on a merit, so fighting over incumbency or constituency is ill-informed.Iam one of the people who believe deeply that your absence at leadership level in opposition coalition will be an impediment as you are one of the most brilliant leaders our country has ever produced. The keys to the Promised Land are in your hands so it’s your choice to led people to the light that are in dark moments so as live the rest of their lives as champions. Most of the youth are longing for change as we believe that our country is a middle income country which is not utilising its existing resources to create sustainable jobs to reduce the unemployment rate.

In fact, to us it is not about who leads the umbrella project, which party has many constituencies and elections results but our significant interest is that you have to work collectivelyas a team to win the constituencies for opposition.When you fight a war its better to win the battle as long operations lead to more casualties so being in opposition for such years by the BCP is not helping situations but making it worse. I will not propose to youhow i think the model should work as that is your responsibility as a leader at a strategic level but you should ensure that you play a leading role to ensure that despite stumbling blocks you deliver the intended results. I know the bone of contention is whether the party should merge to one formidable institution or use the already existing model but whatever the case all we want is a united opposition to compete with BDP. As for now you have a mandate from congress so the expectation is that when there is a crisis you will consult them positively to give you directions on way out until a consensus is reached as failure is not an option. I know during the past elections there were allegations levelled against you but I believe it’s now water under the bridge. This is the opportunity to prove your innocence by ensuring that your party to opposition coalition.

If you do not listen to my genuine advice Mr President Iam afraid you will be remembered in history as one of the leaders who have contributed to the collapse of BCP. Also, I foresee mass exodus of BCP members to other opposition parties should you fail to deliver on their mandate.Even those who are not politically aligned to any party want but a united opposition which is the “Moono project”and those who are not part of this superlative project will be punished at the polls by electorates. Based on the results of the past elections with UDC attaining 17 parliamentary seats a significant achievement in history of opposition is clear indication that Batswana are longing for change and have accepted this model.
Concerned Youth Citizen
Amogelang Sekelemani