Water, power crisis cripple UB

SHARE   |   Monday, 17 August 2015   |   By Leak Seboko

1.1 This communiqué comes at a time when we understand that the student community, together with its leadership, is in fragmented pigments of its own genetic makeup, and this has for a long time contributed to upsets in a lot of issues that are of great need to us all. As we speak, there are pending and upsetting issues of ; allowance accreditation, registration mix ups and shambles, accommodation-whether unavailability or lack thereof, the over crediting of allowance (popularly known as accommodation bill to most) and recently the unprecedented issue of water unavailability in the campus, coupled together with power outages.
1.2 With these issues put together, we as the Student Representative Council, has found it fit that we inform and plead with the whole student community that we are at crossroads, we have been put in a position where we either choose to neglect our duties to the students and continue in the merry-devilish political fights instigated by some unruly and uncircumcised fellows in academic matters, or we humbly return to our lord responsibility to the students. The students of the university, we are in deep and lancinating pain as we communicate to you that, our campus is in ramshackles, there is no water and electricity is unreliable, a situation which most, if not all, of the on-campus students will affirm to. Just to give a highlight, on-campus students do not bath properly, they go to classes in bacterial dirt, female students are made to punish in their own menstrual nature dirt, and ablution areas are blocked with excretion that cannot be flushed out on abnormal basis. This situation, we believe as the council, that it is a fertile breeding ground for health hazards like diarrhea, schizophrenia and other health diseases, of which sadly, no one would compensate our health should we unfortunately find the whole campus bleeding of these communicable diseases.
1.3 On the academic upset, you all will believe and agree with us that for the science students, laboratory tests and experiments are almost non-existent, as they both require water and electricity to be done, for other faculties that use digital technology like projectors and computers, what lesson would take place in a pitch dark no electricity environment?
1.4 With the few above sentiments and problems, the council would like to bring to the attention of the student community that the council has since met with the management of the school in an ad hoc meeting yesterday (11 August 2015) and afterwards agreed to submit a demand letter to the senate, which is sitting today. In our demand letter, we are requesting the university management, in light of the immense problems emanating from water and electricity crisis, the disloyalty of the Ministry in paying bills (including your allowances), that it consider closing the school temporarily whilst all stakeholders are brought on board to help ameliorate the problem. We know that naturally, some of you may think temporary measures like generators, water containers and toilets could be sourced to help, but we are way passed that as the university does not have enough funds to finance such projects, which roughly would cost 3-5 million a day.
1.5 In conclusion, the council would like to call the student community to the attention of their problems, and to also lobby their support in the proposal of temporarily closing the school and addressing the situation. We, as the council, would in the mean time, engage the management on possible strategies of compensating for the time lost during the closure in respect of classes, labs, practicals and all academic process involved and concerned, as that would be easier than going on in the current unfavourable conditions, of which we never know when they will hit.
1.6 In times like this, we should come together and fight for what we know is our concern. These problems affect us all, and they should be heeded by us all. The council would also like to invite the students to a student body meeting at a date to be communicated, where will discuss and pass a resolution on the issues discussed herein.
Leak Mallet Seboko
Minister of Information & Publicity (UB)

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