Prepare well for 2015 Examinations

SHARE   |   Monday, 24 August 2015   |   By Moiseraele Goya
Junior Secondary School student during an examination Junior Secondary School student during an examination

Bagaetsho, Bongwanaka, Barutabana, Batsadi, le Setshaba ka kakaretso As we are all aware, our public schools have been achieving less than we should expect from them. This is a source of great concern to my Ministry and so we are now investing our energies and resources to restore a culture of excellence in public education.
This will be achieved by implementing the reforms embodied in the newly launched Education and Training Sector Strategic Plan. In particular, we will confront the challenge of under-achievement by continuing to equip and encourage schools to promote good teaching and learning at all times.
The intended reforms will not be achieved overnight but, in the meantime, the count-down to the final examinations has already begun for the learners presently in standard 7, form 3 and form 5. How well prepared are they for their forthcoming challenges? Will they achieve more than last year’s candidates?
Achieving improved learning outcomes clearly requires a higher level of performance by our learners. To help the candidates give a good account of themselves, schools should now be providing comprehensive revision programmes for standard 7, form 3 and form 5 learners.
Improved performance will also depend on how well learners seize the opportunities on offer. I have no doubt that our young people understand this and are working tirelessly to meet the demands of the examinations. I encourage all candidates to remain focused on the goal of examination success and not to allow their attention to be distracted.
I must also recognise the contribution that parents continue to make towards the education of their children. We as a Ministry greatly value your support. As the examinations approach, please remember the continuing need to help your children by providing time and space for them to study at home. This will help to ensure that they strike the right balance between school work and leisure.
I would also encourage parents to get much closer to schools and to engage with teachers regularly about the academic work of their children. Attend meetings initiated by the schools but also visit at other times if you think it will help your children.
Let us all work together to move the country forward and secure a better future for our young people. I wish all our teachers and learners a fruitful preparation for the examinations.
Moiseraele Goya
Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development

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