BDP reform is just an illusion

SHARE   |   Monday, 24 August 2015   |   By Amogelang Sekelemani
HAPPY TIMES; BDP supporters at  Sadique Kebonang's launch in Lobatse ahead of the 2014 general elections HAPPY TIMES; BDP supporters at Sadique Kebonang's launch in Lobatse ahead of the 2014 general elections

I have to been frank in sharing with other democrats informally that the reforms that have been proposed by the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) are just a deception. The just ended BDP congress which ushered the likes of Mr Botsalo Ntuane to become the Secretary General has been preaching a reform of  BDP. However, the secretariat of the BDP will find it difficult to convince people with their strategy as people have now lost hope in the current administration that it will never improve their socio-economic welfare. The strategies proposed which one of them has been that the BDP National Executive Committee should be involved  in the  running of the government as it is the custodian of the policies being implemented is a good proposal but it will  not materialise as that has never been the tradition since independence. Of recent, I have been observing the migration of opposition candidates leaving political leadership to assume other jobs. I wonder if this is one of the BDP recruitment drives as part of reforming the BDP but to be honest that is a very weak strategy as now it’s not about the use of resources to lure people but they are now interested on innovations that can improve the quality of their lives. In some instances some activists in opposition join the BDP over suspicions that they have been bought or promised certain positions in state power.


Even though, I am  one of the people who do not believe much on allegations and suspicions but if there is an element of truth I want to counsel the BDP to desist from such an approach as its not sustainable .It might seem to dwindle the opposition with resources but  a combined opposition force will render the BDP powerless. I recall that the BDP only managed to attain 46.7% popular vote in the past general elections, a clear indication that people are tired of the current command and need change. These elections have shattered all misconceptions of authority and insuperability on the part of the BDP .The electorate spoke with splendid articulacy that they are yearning for change and need a better Botswana. The challenges that are affecting the youth are still visible with unemployment pecked at 19.8%, poor living conditions, poor education system and deterioration of family bonds due to escalating poverty. As a result, the reorganisation that the BDP is advocating for does not address these challenges and still this situation will work against them in the upcoming 2019 elections. Tension has been building for some time in Botswana but as the youth of this country we are determined to influence change as we are suffering at the hands of the current regime. Deep in our souls we believe that even though the BDP is currently running government but  its presence will be short lived as change is certain; The ‘Moono project’ should take advantage of the fragile BDP to convince the electorates that there is an alternative. In a war those who become victorious know when to fight and that is what guarantees their win and the time is now or never for the UDC to convince electorates to vote them in power. Mobilisation should start now from all corners of this country with a very clear message of hope to those ordinary Batswana suffering in the hands of the current rulers. It is time to crack the BDP to initiate individual defections to opposition parties and make it powerless and fail to retain state power. In a struggle it is not everyone who will reach the destiny but we should not despair but run the race with endurance that has been set before us towards 2019.In a war you should subdue your enemy using all available tactics but at the end you need to make your enemy surrender as long operations lead to more causalities. We call upon the youth in general not to anguish as UDC policies will deliver economic citizen empowerment alternative .As Batswana we should vote out the BDP from power as it failed to deliver on its promises to improve the quality of life to the standard that we expected. An unemployed young person in that remote village who have waited for a job but all in vain, that graduate who after finishing school and thought of being employed but to no avail should be freed from this crisis. In the remote areas were people are experiencing poverty, no access to water and electricity which are key in human development need change. I know people could be wondering what may transpire after the UDC attains state power, will combined opposition work in harmony but we should give them a chance to prove their competence. The current UDC- president led us to a very successful 2014 elections even though the BDP retained state power but the results are very promising, a clear indication that voters have welcomed this umbrella model and anyone who is not part of this exceptional project will be punished at the polls.

Concerned Youth Citizen


Amogelang Sekelemani

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