BOFEPUSU mourns Motswaledi

SHARE   |   Sunday, 10 August 2014   |   By Cde Ketlhalefile M.n Motshegwa
Motshwarakgole Motshwarakgole THOMPSON GOBOPANG

We have learned with shock and pain on the passing away of Leader Cde Gomolemo T. Motswaledi. Indeed a vacuum has been carved out of our hearts and the nation is bleeding from this calamity. We send our sincere condolences to Motswaledi family, his friends, UDC family and the nation at large.

We remember Cde Motswaledi as a man who mingled joyfully with the young and the old, all sections of society with great ease and love. We pay homage to the life of a gifted and oratory speaker who had the power to mesmerise his audience while also sending a clear and inspirational message of societal change towards good. Our departed Cde, had faith that enabled him to encourage and inspire those feeling down, a man who preached unity, goodwill and love. 


He traversed the Country addressing workers in 2011 Industrial action inspiring them to stand for their rights. He attended conferences of Unions to provide solidarity message and he never missed a chance to advice on modalities of navigating the struggle.

This is a man who fought for democracy, good governance and humanity in our society. He has truly changed the political landscape of this country and he will forever be imprinted in our hearts and annals of history of this Country. We honour a brilliant and principled politician of contemporary Botswana who sacrificed himself to serve the nation, a man who was faithful and dedicated to the battlefield towards change.


He was a courageous and brave man who took stands for change, hope and our spines and that of the nation was stiffened from his stands. As a leader for change he inspired fellow countrymen to think, believe, see and do what they might not have without him. He had a vision for this country, for he was aware of the anxieties and fears felt by those led and he always urged them to overcome those fears. He was a great leader because he had the ability to empower others. We will never forget how he made us feel, for he inspired us to be and do the best. Truly we shall always celebrate his life of a hero and martyr.

We have profound hope and believe that even in these difficult and dark moments, God is with us and shall see us through towards victory for all, as inscribed by Peter Kuzmic that “hope is the ability to hear the music of the future, faith is the courage to dance to it today”. This we remember because faith and hope were the hallmarks of Cde Motswaledi’s life and that he extended to his fellow Countrymen and even in his passing we maintain the same sacrosanct principles.


We ought to honour him by standing dedicated and devoted to the ideals he stood for. We may not be with him physically but our spirits and his are forever connected in pursuit of overcoming the injustices and challenges facing our society for humanity and love to prevail. His spirit and ideals shall always remind us to further with the struggle. History is highly decorated with men like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Chris Hani who just like Cde Motswaledi sacrificed their lives to serve fellow country men and women and their lives were cut short before witnessing the victory of their efforts. Nonetheless the Cde has run his race, put a good fight and bestowed upon him is a crown of victory.

We further call for thorough investigations on what really transpired to claim the life of Cde Motswaledi and indeed justice must be done on any outcome of the findings. We say so because things that are happening in this Country nowadays need thorough investigations and the public to be consciousness and have their ears and eyes on these matters. 


At the last we say Cde Motswaledi is a man who stood for justice and justice shall stand for him. He was a man devoted to God, and we pray for salvation of his soul. Like he has always sang joyfully ‘’ morena o ba etele bana botlhe ba lefifing, lesedi le ba thabele ka bophara ba lehatshe……’’ 

May your soul rest in peace Cde, brother. You will never diminish from our hearts.

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