Hats off to Thabiso Moruti

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 September 2015   |   By David Geoghegan

As we mourn the death of three young women who died in egregious circumstances, our attention has focused on the pain resulting from the loss of our loved ones, yet we have forgotten a hero, Thabiso Moruti.
In the morning of 24 August 2015 fire broke out at a girls' hostel at the North West Secondary school for the Deaf that took the lives of three young women and injured 13 others who have since been hospitalised. Thanks to the selflessness of this young man who woke up around 02:00am, put on some pants and ran shirtless to the burning hostel to save other children's lives, risking his own life in the process. He did not think about what could happen to him as he ran inside a hostel that was in flames, a hostel he barely knows inside, and he meticulously searched every room to rescue as many people as he could. By his dogged determination he found 14 girls trapped in some of the hostel rooms and led them to safety, carrying those who were weak from smoke inhalation. None of the children could see because of the smoke resulting from the flames and they struggled to find the exit doors, but this did not stop this young man from going in and out of a burning house to ensure that everyone was out, risking his own life in the process.
It is unfortunate that the incident has been all over the media this week, but no one mentioned the altruism of this young man who has done what many of us have never done, would never have done and are unlikely to ever do: risking own lives to save other people.
Thabiso, if you happen to read this any time, know that you are a hero not only to the girls whose lives you saved, but to millions of people worldwide. Live your life knowing that you beat all odds by placing your life on the line to save others while people stood passively, afraid of what would happen to them. You have done what many great and celebrated men have never done and would not have done.
Hat's off to you sir.
David Scott Geoghegan

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