BCP- time to think differently

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 September 2015   |   By Amogelang Sekelemani
IS IT TIME TO JOIN FORCES Its only a matter of time till this question is answered. BDP supporters at a rally IS IT TIME TO JOIN FORCES Its only a matter of time till this question is answered. BDP supporters at a rally

I want to openly advice fellow Comrades in the struggle from the Botswana Congress Party that it is during the duskiest time that they must stay focused to see the light. These are the words that always resonate in my head when I think of them. They should not be disheartened by the illicit criticism of the collapsing Botswana Democratic Party. As they re-organise themselves for the future the subject of opposition cooperation is the only strategy that is fundamental moving forward. It should be a concern that comes deep within our souls in order to avoid any stumbbling blocks that may try to divert  attention on the ultimate goal. However, I will like to honestly inform the BCP that the mission to be in state power cannot be proficient in isolation but through a combined unity with Umbrella for Democratic Change. Of recent the UDC President had made public statement that the admission of members in UDC should be scrutinized especially the defectors from BCP as that may destabilise cooperation consultations. This is a clear indication that the BCP is warmly welcomed in the ‘MOONO’ project .Also, he warned that those from UDC to desist from attacking the BCP as we are now a family. In a war if you want to be victorious you need to change the strategy to ensure the enemy surrenders and always emerge to their surprise. On bended knees I beg you the leadership of BCP to listen to the national call and we will be waiting patiently during the commencement of negotiations over cooperation for the good news as failure is not an option. The people confidently believe that Comrade Duma Boko will be the next president of our country and MK Ndaba Gaolathe will be his runner up after 2019 elections but that supremacy is vested on congress. However, the presence of the BCP will be welcomed with an open hand as the likes of Comrade Dumelang Saleshando can also serve at a strategic leadership position in the coalition.
 The 140 000 members that voted in favour of BCP in the past general elections is a significant number that can help UDC to effortlessly attain state power. However, let me counsel the BCP leadership not to focus much of the attention on petty issues as that gives them credibility and existence. Those who are an enemy of change within their territory should not derail them from the core concerns that can free this nation. It is now be clear that Batswana have spoken in one voice that they need change, a better Botswana and believe that this nation can be a great one.  As we are aware the current regime have failed to utilise the existing resources to improve the quality of life of an ordinary Motswana but just waste time on poor programming. The policies proposed by the opposition parties cannot materialise as they are not in government therefore we need to give them state power so there can implemented to improve quality of our lives. As the youth of this country we want the new government that will urgently address our worries such as lack of land, unemployment, poverty and poor education system. The youth of this country are determined to influence change as they are weary of the current system which people are not equally treated but discriminated on the basis of their political affiliation and social circumstantial. In state power there are many positions and we should not be seen fighting over such matters as our priority should be to free the citizens of this Nation. UDC is the cream of this country and it will prosper in its dream to govern our nation in 2019. The race that has been set before us and it is not an easy but it should be run with endurance. We know that people queued to make that change, an unemployed youth waited patiently to make that change in past elections, even thou the BDP retained state power but i sincerely believe that the biggest catalysts to change will be the vibrant youth of this country. As I conclude, I will like to strongly thank BCP leadership of playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the BCP remains stable despite challenges. The leadership of the BCP should not despair or quit in joining other opposition parties as it is better to agonize now and live the rest of life as a titleholder.

I remain Resolute!
Amogelang Sekelemani (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Francistown South Resident
Contact: 72405085

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