God works in ways we cannot understand

SHARE   |   Sunday, 17 August 2014   |   By Banks Ndebele

If you can't believe God for small things, you won't believe Him for bigger things. About three weeks ago I lost my cd bag full of CDs. My only efforts to find them were to check a friend's place where I had stopped that day before I proceeded to the farm. I had also had a short stop at another friend’s place. I posted on Facebook asking people to help me find this CD bag which have some CDs that I have had as far back as 1999. But a day passed; another came and went bye; a week, two weeks, three weeks, but nothing was forth coming. I kept believing God that I will find my CDs.

This week o Tuesday night, somehow I dropped my phone and did not notice it until after I had travelled some minutes when I realised that I did not have my phone.


This is a blackberry phone that i have owned for three years now. It has a lot of vital information ranging from contacts phone numbers, email addresses', music, videos, pictures, saved articles and a lot of things. It is an information bank that one cannot afford to lose. 

I called the number with my other phone. It rang. I drove back to where I suspected I might have dropped it. When I got there, I called it, it was ringing, but I could not hear it because it was on silent. I checked all around, but to no avail. Then I started thinking that I might have left it in a friend's car. I decided that since he might be asleep, I would not disturb him; I would check with him in the morning.  


This morning at around 8am when I woke up, I called the number, but this time it went into voice mail. It was off air. I believed God that I will still find it somehow. I called the friend; he did not answer his phone, so I sent him a text message, to which he did not respond. I then decided to go to the spot where I suspected I might have dropped the phone. The place is a busy pathway used by pedestrians and motorists. The time was now around 11am and evidently many people had passed by that spot since dawn. 

When I got there I asked people in the nearby house; they had not seen any phone, they told me. I then turned to the spot, and as I did, there I saw my phone, well placed and not hidden at all. I shouted "here it is" and that caught the attention of the people in the nearby house. They couldn't believe that I found the phone in an area where so many other people passed. But that is how God does things. His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are his ways our ways. He works in ways we cannot understand. The battery had died and that's why it was off air. I thanked God for hiding my phone from passers-by.


This afternoon I decided to resume the search for my CD bag. I went to Boatle and I was full of faith that I will find my CDs. At Boatle I targeted about three houses to ask if none has seen a CD bag. At the first house I found three men who said they have not seen it. I went to the second, still there was nothing positive, went to the third, still to no avail. I then saw some kids playing in the first house that I have been to, I called them and asked them if they have not seen a CD bag with CDs. One of them said it is in the house. A smile immediately covered my face. I then went into the house to meet their mother. She confirmed that indeed the bag is there and they have been enjoying the gospel music and sermons from the bag. I shed a tear and thanked God. I now have my lovely music and messages.


Indeed God works in ways we cannot understand. His plans are not our plans.

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