Well done Zebras, BFA...but!

SHARE   |   Monday, 21 September 2015   |   By Eddie Mdluli

 Well done for taking the Zebras game to the new Francistown stadium,it was indeed a good move especially for the people in the northern part of the country. Though one would have thought air Botswana would cater  for the supporters  from the South,by having a special flight from Gaborone to Francistown on a Saturday morning returning immediately after the game. Surely Air Botswana would still have made its money, especially after a sterling job the BFA ,Francistown council and other stake holders did by hosting the masses at the city of Francistown, I don't think it would have been a challenge to cater and handle for such supporters.

Well done once more to  the BFA ,Francistown City council and other stake holders  by hosting the masses at the city of Francistown.I would therefore like to express my displeasure to some supporters by bad behaviour after the game.Storming on the pitch after the game is sinful in football.Surely the excitement might have been understandably uncontrollable, but supporters  must know the consequences  of such behaviour. Lastly our one nil victory over Burkina Faso was not impressive at all. Our strikers were not aggressive enough to punish the visitors especially in the penalty box. Some players showed cheap and aumuternes by time wasting whilst only leading by a goal. When I used to play football with my brother and the likes of Ofentse Mabote, Bakang Modukanele to name a few using a home made plastic ball we had one thing in common, just to be aggressive in the penalty box and score. We played good attractive football and the likes of Tumie Modise and some female friends would come and admire us and even offer us water after the game.'' Nothing more''...

Anyway,the Zebras should have won by more than three goals especially that our visitors were not on top of their game, and yet we know that's one of the best teams in Africa.Well done though I wish next time we could see more professionalism on the pitch that would result to more goals.

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