BTCL not under investigation

SHARE   |   Monday, 26 October 2015   |   By Paul Taylor
BTCL not under investigation

BTCL notes with concern an article in The Patriot on Sunday newspaper of October 18, 2015, under the headline “Security Agents Raid BTCL”. The article in question contains innuendo and malicious allegations. The main purpose, it seems, is to damage BTCL corporate image and reputation.
The Company was neither raided by the police nor any security agents as alleged by the Newspaper. It is also a fallacy for the paper to suggest that the Managing Director and some officers were taken in for questioning. Fact is, a BTCL employee, was on Thursday, taken in by the Police, on a matter unrelated to Company Business. The manner in which the individual left the building was both calm and dignified. To suggest “all hell was let loose” is grossly mis-leading.
We are confident; the Botswana Police Service will shed more light on the matter and explain reasons for the arrest. It is factual that subject to due process, one General Manager is no longer with BTCL, but not for reasons advanced by the newspaper. BTCL management would like to assure staff and all stakeholders that the Company is neither “embattled” nor is it the centre of any investigation. We are particularly disappointed that having been briefed on the substance of the false allegations, by BTCL personnel, The Patriot persisted in publishing.
Negative media reports will neither deter nor discourage us from delivering the best customer service possible. We also wish to take this opportunity to remind our stakeholders that it is all our responsibility to work towards advancing BTCL interests and ensuring that the Company is sustainable for future generations. It is a responsibility we take very seriously. As a business that adheres to good corporate governance, BTCL has in place several mechanisms including a “Whistle Blowing” facility, to report suspected corrupt practices or any misconduct including fraud, forgery, harassment or abuse of authority.
I want to assure you that BTCL is committed to transparently investigating all matters reported and should there be any wrong doing, appropriate sanctions will be instituted or the matter referred to the relevant external authorities.


Kind Regards

Paul Taylor
Managing Director

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