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Beware of fake UK car dealers

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 04 November 2015   |   By Concerned

In 2013 I decided to purchase a car and eventually decided that a UK import would be my best option. So I started saving for a car and at the same time started asking around about the best possible way of purchasing a car from UK to Botswana. As part of the options available to me, I considered an old friend of mine called Carl Ellis because I had noticed that he is running a car export company in the UK called Afrithang UK Limited. I asked a few friends around who are close to Carl and they confirmed that he was capable to delivering a car to me from UK. I also know Carl Ellis personally from the 1990s or earlier. I met him through some close friends of mine, and dealing with him would be the easiest way to buy a car.

So as I started making enquiries with Carl and also started making savings towards this exciting purchase. I discussed this with my wife and kids and we were all excited at about this plan. By November 2013, we had saved enough to go ahead with the purchase. Through Carl’s help our pick was a silver 2006 Toyota Avensis 2.0 VVT-I Spirit 5 dr Seq Auto Leather Pack sedan that had done 72,000 miles. Carl was to deliver this vehicle at a total price of P73,000 or GBP4,895 (at the time) including shipping and delivery to Gaborone, insurance, vehicle check, transport, documentation, transfer fees and forwarding, excluding clearance and registration in Gaborone.

In December 2013 there was back and forth correspondence and paper work, including pictures of the car and eventually everything was set and all I had to do was deposit the money to Carl’s business account and the car would be delivered. On the 8th of January 2014, I deposited an amount of GBP4,895 into Afrithang UK Limited bank account. The car was to be delivered 20 days from date of full payment. After 20 days the car had not arrived and what ensued from that time to date is a series of empty promises and lies by Carl Ellis.

I have patiently done all I can to get Carl to deliver the vehicle to me to no avail. Eventually we agreed on a refund as the car was not forth coming. For almost two years now, I am battling to get my refund from Carl. I have tried other avenues to get Carl to refund me, including lawyers, local police and Carl’s parents, but this has not helped. I therefore thought that I should share. The purpose of my story is also to warn other individuals who may want to deal with Carl Ellis and Afrithang because they may fall victim to his dishonesty. I have long postponed doing this, as I feel it’s not the best way to handle my situation, but I somehow feel it’s the only way to expose individuals like Carl who want to steal from innocent people. I will not stop with my quest to get my refund from Carl, and I also believe that Carl needs to do the right thing and repay me.