Stop destabilising BOPEU

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 04 November 2015   |   By Concerned Cde

Comrades once again we read with great shock an article in the Mmegi Newspaper dated 23 October 2015, Pg. 28 authored by a certain Oaitse Diane Patle. Such an article amounts to nothing but a fallacy that springs out of Patle’s emotions and Frustrations. A coincidental Diploma holder of HR, from a not so noble institution of higher learning who now claims to be an author of note. A confused individual who is constantly destroying the very movement he claims to have built over the last two decades. Comrades this article cannot be left unchallenged and condemned as it is intended to tarnish the name of our Union of Choice. We must at this time stand together as a force against such evil purported by Patle and his quartet of oldies.

I have in my previous writings showed and demonstrated that Patle’s articles lacks even the slightest spark of thought and intelligence hence they cannot provoke any intellectual discourse. Such should be a shame to him for failing to substantiate his points with facts. My condemnation to his pieces of ‘’Gaegolelwe’’ writings should not be viewed in any way as trying to protect President Motsamai who seem to be his focus of late. We must tell Patle strongly that he will not publicly attack our Union and walk free. Neither Patle is God nor are his words from God.

In his first paragraph this evil man writes that BOPEU needs a strategic and visionary leader(s) who will take BOPEU to greater heights. While this is shockingly true coming from a man of his character, he fails to present any vision or strategy himself and bring our movement’s failures to the fore so that a reasonable person would then make a credible judgement. Perhaps one has to give people an insight of who Patle is. Patle is the former Chairperson of Gaborone Branch who dismally failed to lead the branch to achieving anything to a point where he had to resign. Let’s go back to genesis of his Frustrations. This is the guy who lost the elections in Jwaneng to the current chairperson of ROTLHE region Bakoko, where he became so frustrated that he never attended any regional meetings. This is the same man I am told by history that at some point he tried to form his own union, an ambition he dismally failed on. This is the Guy who claims that some people cannot lead regions or higher offices when he himself failed to lead the smallest structure of the Union, a branch, the same man who before hated BOFEPUSU with every muscle of his and even proved that at the 2014 BOFEPUSU congress in Maharaja.

Comrades Patle must be told once again that this is not how we do things in this movement. We do not vent our frustration in newspaper and in the process violates our very own constitution. We do not go out of our way, because of our hunger for power to tarnish the name of others in the media by making false accusations. We cannot, and we will not mortgage our people to political parties and BOFEPUSU. Again we must tell him that action will definitely be taken against him as per the constitution for his insultive writings. We stress once again that ‘’you do not publicly insult our movement and walk free’’.

Patle seems to suggest a few names for certain positions in the upcoming elections. Comrades,Personally I don’t have a problem with his suggestions. However, he presents nothing once again of a vision or achievement to support his candidates. What are they bringing? And what have they achieved so that we know where they came from and the destination. In the event that those listed, have seeked Patle’s services to be their campaign manager, then they forgot to give him such important information for the electorates to consider at the congress or maybe because of his intellectual challenges he did not publish it.

Secondly Patle is ignorant of the fact that we as BOPEU members are independent thinkers. In the event that we need Motsamai out, we will not seek BOFEPUSU’s assistance or his emotional outburst. We will do it right out. We do not seek his influence and we reject it. BOPEU members know what they want for their movement. Perhaps Patle’s ideas would now work well with his newly found concubine known as Manual Workers Union where I’m told he spends his ‘’political nights’’ of late. Perhaps both Manual Workers Union and BOFEPUSU should be warned of whom they are sleeping with. They cannot be proudly enjoying cups or tea with a man of Abubakar Shekau’s characteristics. A peace hater and force of disunity to reckon with.

He goes on to allege that the president of BOPEU uses coercive powers and he fails to sight a single case of such. Perhaps he is ashamed to let the general membership know about the displinary action he possible faces due to his behavior. We must once again tell comrade Patle that if he ever thought he was the GOD of this Union, his reign is over. Comrade Patle will either face the wrath of the constitution or ship out of the movement for good, that we will make sure of it for as long as we live. The fact that the president allowed the region to institute a disciplinary proceeding against him is nothing of dictatorship. Who told Patle that he is immune to the law and such action cannot be taken against him? Who told him that in the event he misbehaves the president will come his rescue?

Finally Patle he seems to condemn the package BOPEU present to its members, which amongst others include the subsidizing of Borehole drillings. If this is not what the members want, they will reject it at the congress, the branches that he, failed to lead has the power to reject such, the governing council can also do so. We do not need the assistance of newspapers to do that. We do not even need Patle’s advice on the matter.

Comrades once again I urge comrade Patle to desist from such writing, and anyone who ambitions of making such publications. Let’s all campaign for these upcoming elections in the best way we can, but we must be respectful to others and most importantly our consituion. Lastly there is another article that implicates comrade Seitiso in The Patriot newspaper and that one too I will come to it.