Lets bury the hatchet

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 10 November 2015   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang

Though I differ with him on handling this Pilane issue, he remains my ideal President for now, 2017 and beyond. He knows that I have differed with him before on two issues but I continued to give him all the respect he deserves as the President of my beloved movement. He even said to some Mks, "I welcome criticism because it improves my leadership qualities"! I have to make it clear that I differed with him on only 3 issues but agreed with him on hundreds if not thousands of many other issues since 2010 when the movement was formed. If we do not alert our leaders when they go wrong, it means we do not like them. It means we want them to fail. Just look at President Khama at BDP, no one has the guts to tell him that Mr President, you are wrong here. That's the reason why Khama has committed so many blunders.

I am also aware that his combination with Cde Boko is an unstoppable one for UDC, which gives BDP sleepless nights and it needs to be preserved until 2019 when UDC will take over.
Now that we heard both sides of the story. It's better for our leadership to sit down, with mediators if they are needed, and discuss this issue with sober minds in a closed session so that the party can move forward. Letting this drag on until 2017 will not be helpful. It will further divide the party because campaigns will start as early as now and nothing progressive will be done to grow the movement. It is highly likely that bcp will come onboard the udc train so we should shift our focus to negotiations with BCP onboard instead of internal bickerings. That's just my piece of advise.

MK Matsetse