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 BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHIM! This past week I encountered information making heavy rounds on social media to the effect that I work for the Directorate on Intelligence and Security Services or rather worked for. The same information, though in that platform I was not mentioned by name was to appear in the front page of the Sunday Standard Newspaper of 08th November 2015. My initial reaction was that of extreme laughter and brushing aside the matter as nothing else but a bad joke.

After much thought, though initially having felt that I do not owe anyone an explanation, I have come to the realisation that because I am mentioned as the Gomolemo Motswaledi (May His Soul Rest in Peace) campaign Spokesperson it is ideal that I clarify a few things. Gomolemo Motswaledi was a leader and dear to a lot of people and hence his name shall forever interest most or all of us whenever mentioned. I have come to the realisation that this matter warrants clarity. It was not easy writing this clarity as I drowned in my own tears. I was not even sure if I should be responding to this matter as my reaction to it might dignify it. But at the end of it all I considered the matter too deserving a spat.
I am realising that I have to respond because it is not the first time that I am being associated with the DISS. I have never worked for the DISS and do not work for the DISS. To me the DISS is too far from even my slightest understanding or consideration. I have chosen to simply ignore it even during my tenure as the BMD’s National Spokesperson when we were told the DISS listens to our telephone conversations. I have always insisted that even if the DISS was listening to our conversations, there is nothing wrong because we were not doing anything illegal. I have not come across anything secretive at the BMD.

The BMD as a mass organisation has never been good at keeping secrets because it did not even have any secrets to keep. You cannot have secrets when running a society such as the BMD.  The DISS thus has always remained irrelevant to me and hence of no worry as is the case to this day. It is very common in the political arena to sell a lie that a person works for the DISS when you intend on discrediting them. I have played the game.  Unfortunately it is now being played on me. I have used the same trick before to discredit political opponents even within the BMD itself. It is more like the Sidney Pilane issue which dates as far back as the BMD inaugural congress at Kgale where it was said that Advocate Sidney Pilane was being funded by the DISS.

This worked against him badly.  I do not know what the intention is by associating me with the DISS as I have never held and do not hold any intention of standing for public office. I also do not hold membership of any political party and hence not a threat to anyone. I have left the centre stage three years ago and I am quietly spending time with my family. Coming back to the matter at hand, I was not allowed to mourn the death of my friend, my brother and my mentor in Gomolemo Motswaledi as I have had to deal with the pain of being associated with his death.

I clearly recall how these issues began. Immediately after the death of Gomolemo Motswaledi, I differed with the Botswana Movement for Democracy and the Umbrella for Democratic Change who began peddling insinuations that Gomolemo Motswaledi was assassinated or eliminated as they preferred to put it. You can imagine my situation that having lived my life with and for Gomolemo Motswaledi; I was not allowed to mourn him by those who wanted to claim his ownership in his coffin. Instead of mourning the death of my friend, my brother and my mentor whom I lived for in politics, I was pushed to the corner of having to defend myself and my position that he was not assassinated.
I lived with and for Gomolemo Motswaledi, managed not only his political diary but also all his personal matters including his finances. I was responsible for ensuring that bills are paid, rentals are paid. It was my responsibility to find the money to pay all these things and to ensure that his personal welfare is up to standard. I have never seen any of those who began claiming Gomolemo Motswaledi when he was in his coffin in the last four years of Gomolemo Motswaledi when he needed them the most. It is bad and sad for me that I am writing these things now, at this hour about the man I valued the most but I have been left with no option but to clarify these matters. Yes I have had my bad days with Gomolemo Motswaledi, but our bad days compared to our good days can be simply classified into non-existent.

I was always prepared to take a bullet for Gomolemo Motswaledi; I was prepared at all costs to die for him. And yes, I kept all his private life locked safely in a suitcase as I still do to this day.  I have insisted as I still do that the Gomolemo Motswaledi I knew was always fatigued and tired. He was not a friend to a seat belt. He loved his speed and pressed hard on the accelerator pedal. I have never believed that Gomolemo Motswaledi was assassinated. I still do not believe that. I can only hope that the BMD releases the long awaited report of Gomolemo Motswaledi death so that we can all find closure.

I maintain that the death of Gomolemo Motswaledi was a result of an unfortunate accident. If it is not then those who dispute must provide evidence to the same. The evidence is in the form of long completed report which the BMD leadership have opted to keep secret for political gains. This I must point out is inhuman not only to the Gomolemo Motswaledi family but further brutal to the electorates.
We have lied to this nation that Gomolemo Motswaledi was eliminated by the government for political reasons. Such a lie has worked for the UDC which managed to get 17 seats in parliament. But these lies are not sustainable. The UDC should by now be getting ready for 2019 as there won’t be an opportunity of election fraud again. The past elections were fraudulent, people voted with their emotions and not brains. The people were sold a lie in order to seek sympathy and that sympathy came in handy. It does not help to get angry whenever the issue of the Gomolemo Motswaledi is mentioned. The people are within their right to demand the report. It appears these issues have now given me a DISS ‘badge’.

I have no idea at all what the purported ‘leak’ is supposed to achieve and how my name even landed in that ‘communication’ whatsoever. I am hopeful that I have provided an explanation. I am also awake to the fact that until and unless the BMD leadership and their friends desist from making these insinuations that Gomolemo Motswaledi was assassinated then the rumour shall continue to exist. I am also awake to the realisation that those who do not agree with me that Gomolemo Motswaledi was not killed will surely wish for my blood.it is normal reaction when you have been lied to and choose to believe the lie.

I am also aware that I am breaking ranks with old friends, colleagues and those who view themselves as having some form of monopoly of political wisdom. I must also apologies to the Gomolemo Motswaledi family for this writing as it might appear insensitive but I am also hopeful that they will understand my position and the difficult space I have been pushed into by faceless characters. Finally, I do not work for the DISS and have never worked for the DISS. ALLAHUR AKBAR!
 It is well,
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