UDC is day dreaming about power in 2019

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 15 December 2015   |   By Seabelo Mathole

Please allow me to comment on this blind euphoria displayed by the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). The UDC is so upbeat about assuming state power in 2019 that some have even started day dreaming in bus ranks and other places. They forget that the vote percentage they got in the past elections was obtained by guile. They used false alarms and untruths to deceive the people of Gaborone and surrounding areas. You cannot use unfortunate accidents as a weapon to win elections, and display imaginary hit-lists that never existed.

Though the tactic won them votes in some parts of the country, it will be different in 2019 because Batswana will not be fooled for the second time to vote for undeserving political comedians who take pride in calling those in power all sorts of names just because they are doing their best to make Botswana a home for all. They also talk of swallowing the BCP "anaconda style", but swallowing too much may bring an upset stomach and render their 2019 prediction just castles in the sky. The UDC has never told Batswana what alternatives they will bring if elected, they just put themselves as angels while they are actually demons hell-bent on destroying Botswana's gains. I want to end by applauding the BDP for always coming out clean in their campaigns and never employing dirty tactics. 2019 will be the easiest election since 1965 for the BDP; but it needs remain united and strong. There is still no alternative.

Seabelo Donald Mathole