BOFEPUSU extends support to Law Society of Botswana

SHARE   |   Monday, 08 February 2016   |   By Ketlhalefile Motshegwa
BOFEPUSU extends support to Law Society of Botswana

We recognise and appreciate that the Law Society of Botswana through its Chairperson conveyed a message at this year’s opening of the legal year. BOFEPUSU seeks to associate itself with the remarks of the LSB in their concerns on the: Judicial crisis; Appointment of judges; and Delay in delivery of justice. The LSB is right in its remarks because some of the Judges appointed seem not to be having the rightful credentials in terms of experience, expertise and ability to dispense justice without pressure from the executive.

We have persistently issued statements that it is imperative to protect the independence of judiciary and nurture separation of powers in Botswana for the sake of our democracy and rule of law. We are conversely and vastly disturbed by the attitude and response of the Government of Botswana in its response to the remarks by the LSB. It is petty and immature for the Government to demand the LSB to issue an apology when the LSB said what is within their right and emanating from their concerns. In fact what the LSB said resonate well with the concerns of Batswana and these are the issues that we as BOFEPUSU have raised before. We herein offer our utmost solidarity to the LSB and commend them for having said it well in their delivery and we say they are not indebted to Government to offer any apology.

The LSB is not an extension department of Government for it is independence. It does not have to appease the Government anyhow but rather they must be guided by societal consciousness, pursuit of truth and justice. We would like to relay it to the LSB that BOFEPUSU is available for whatever assistance needed in their struggle, and if Government continues to side-line LSB in its rightful role, then BOFPEUSU will be left with no choice but to enter the fray.

Ketlhalefile M.N Motshegwa
For/Secretary General