THE OBSERVER: What if ESP is just a myth?

SHARE   |   Monday, 15 February 2016   |   By Simon Gabathuse

Imagine a situation where you are used to seeing and hearing about all kinds of animals. It does not bother you every time you see a new animal within your sight because someone will explain to you what it is. You are certain that as has been the case throughout your life, someone will take a milestone in explaining whatever information they know about the animal such as if it is an omnivore or a carnivore. Whether it is at its best in winter or summer and if it prefers caves, forest, open spaces, desert, and top of trees or water. You will also get to know if the animal is wild or domestic.

You will also surely get the opportunity to know the origins of the animals, that it was perhaps first bred in Asia, Africa Europe, and Americans etc. In certain instances you are even made aware of its mating season and its reproductive cycle. It is normally very fascinating when you hear about an animal that you have just seen for the first time in your life. You grasp all the knowledge knowing that at one point you will also have to share with someone such information. But more importantly, we always want to know if an animal or its products are fit and healthy for human consumption nobody wants an animal that eats human beings, everybody wants an animal that is eaten by human beings; for we all want to eat. 

Imagine a situation where just out of the blues, without any request that one day your neighbour brings home an unusual animal. An animal you have never seen or heard of before and then gives it a name. In telling you the name of this animal your neighbour also tells you the wonders and the good attributes. You neighbour goes on and on yet it does not make sense. Your neighbour tells you that this animal lives on desert, water, top of trees, forest, caves, open spaces and that the animal originates from all continents and countries of the world and that this very animal does best in all weathers and that its reproductive system is 24 hours and that its mating season is nonstop!

As if that is not enough, what will also come to surface and for a shock, being that every member of the family has a different name for this animal! They all tell you of many more attributes from the ones you initially heard from the head of the same family that brought the animal and purports to own it. They tell you the animal is both wild and domestic and that it is a mammal, a reptile, and a bird all at the same time. In trying hard to understand this animal you are told that it will soon give birth and multiply beyond measure. That you have not seen nor come to know any kind of such animal before to warrant mating with the one being mentioned will surely bring severe confusion. You are further told that it can actually mate with any animal on earth and that it does not have to be from within the fold of its species!

You are told that it reproductive system is capable of producing not necessarily its same species but different kinds of animals. Maybe we could for argument sake also name such possible reproductive products of this animal; improved economy, increased jobs, better life, improved infrastructure, increased middle-class etc. you will observe that almost every name here has a surname. This as well is unheard of yet imagine being told it is possible. Naturally when one is confused they are bound to ask more questions from either the audience he or she finds himself or herself within. It becomes worse when the audience does not understand as well and rather provide more abstract views and explanations about this animal and its attributes. Let us for argument sake call this animal ECONOMIC STILUMUS PACKAGE. And let us shorten the name for purposes of romance and being cool to ESP!

In being told about the ESP one can only wonder, what can one eat from this animal? One considers a possibility of meat whilst another considers a possibility of meat and yet another considers both meat, milk and skin to use for clothing. There is though only one challenge which brings out physical pain that one has to constantly strike themselves, pinch themselves to ensure they are not dreaming, that this is not just a dream, not another fairy tale that came with twinkle-twinkle little star how I wonder what you are like a diamond in the sky. You will remember that when they arrived here (I don’t know who, I just know somebody arrived), they made us sing ‘twinkle-twinkle little star, how are I wonder what you are like a diamond in the sky’. And when we were busy looking up in the sky for the diamond, they simply dug it out with ease in an open pit and left.

By the time we learnt that a diamond is actually not in the sky but in the ground, they had already left with the vast of it leaving us only the dangerous possibility of gong underground if we are to ever find anything really economically stimulating! The Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Kenneth Mathambo, has missed the point, he defined the ESP from a perspective of the economy whilst the animal should be presented for what it is; a political animal. The purpose of any political animal is not to present meaningful results but to imply lure in votes. Nobody has said to anyone that votes will translate to economic benefit for everyone. People simply assumed that the vote will give them power yet on the other hand power is wrestled for in the streets. A vote is merely an opportunity to feel better, to feel like you are making some important decision with your life while in earnest it is just a soothing exercise. A political exercise.

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