ABC concerned at brutal murders

SHARE   |   Thursday, 25 February 2016   |   By Samonyane Ntsekele
Suspended Appeal Court President Justice Kananelo Mosito Suspended Appeal Court President Justice Kananelo Mosito

The All Basotho Convention (ABC) is disheartened to hear of the barbaric and brutal killing of four innocent people at Ha Mantšebo on Sunday the 14th February 2016. All the victims are very loyal members of our party including the majority of those injured. This callous act has not only left us in shock but has also triggered us to question the mild manner in which the government of Lesotho has reacted to needless laughter In light of the inordinate fashion that this killing has been executed that is similar to numerous others which have come since the second quarter of 2015, the ABC is worried that this trend will spiral out of control if the government of Lesotho does not take a stance of the open, brutal killings and barbaric attacks on individuals who are murdered in cold blood without arrests being made by the law enforcement agencies. The Party is even more worried that following the arrest of a prominent lawyer in Lesotho Attorney Khotso Nthontho on the afternoon of February 12 2016, his house in Maseru was attacked by unknown persons the same night. We believe that the arrest and the attack on his properties have the same source within the Government of Lesotho. The ABC is further concerned by the suspension of the President of the Appeal Court, Justice Kananelo Mosito by the government of Lesotho. His suspension is a culmination of a series of contestations by the ruling Democratic Congress of his lawful appointment. When legal challenges by members of the ruling coalition and their so called “senior lawyers” failed, they trumped charges that ultimately result in impeachment. We therefore have reason to believe that his suspension from office is politically motivated. It is against this background that we take the Executive to be meddling with the judiciary hence riding roughshod on the independence of the Lesotho judiciary, an important tenet of democracy in Lesotho. The ABC therefore appeals to the government of Lesotho to pronounce itself on a series of killings that have plagued the country and left it in a state of uncertainty.

We also call upon the government of Lesotho to speedily investigate these heartless murders and attacks and effect arrests thereof as required by the laws of Lesotho. We are troubled that many murders and serious crimes remain unresolved.

Samonyane Ntsekele

Secretary General of All Basotho Convention (ABC)

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