Dear beloved BNF members

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Dear beloved BNF members

In July, you will be gathering for your elective congress at Francistown.  One of the positions contested for is that of the Vice President. And one of the candidates is Rev. Dr. Moiseraele Prince Dibeela.  One weekend newspaper, The Patriot on Sunday (Page 5), wrote that some BNF elders claim not to know much about him.  Below is a piece from that article…

"Even senior party members confess that they do not know much about the preacher who exploded into the political scene during the 2011 public sector strike after a sojourn to neighbouring South Africa on UCCSA Mission." It appears the writer was either lazy to just take a look around political facts about Rev. Dr. Dibeela or he/she wrote that intentionally for reasons only known to himself/herself.

This is who Rev Dr MP Dibeela is...

He is a true son of the BNF from early ages.  His childhood home is where many meetings of the struggle were held back in the 80s and 90s up to today.  It was used as a base for house to house campaigns and as such frequented by veterans of the Front such as Koma, Segwete Ntwaepelo, Kgosipula, Dabutha, Koosaletse, Rantao, Mabaila and many others.  Dr Dibeela is a natural leader and became Synod Secretary of the UCCSA at a very young age.  And it does not stop there.  He rose in the leadership of the Church and worked as a Mission Consultant in Leicester, England, served as UCCSA General Secretary for 8 years based in Johannesburg until 2013 (not 2011 as written by The Patriot on Sunday) overseeing mission work in 5 countries. During that time he also served as a Moderator (President) of the Council for World Mission, an global organization of 15 million Congregational Christians across the world.  In this role he was overseeing mission work of Congregational Churches in Africa, the Caribbean, East and South Asia, Europe and the Pacific.  He is well respected in religious circles internationally including in the World Council of Churches.

Dr Dibeela has been one of the civic leaders involved in facilitating the cooperation of opposition parties since 2001.  He was a member of the Committee for the Strengthnening of Democracy which sought to bring unity to opposition parties.  In this role he acted as one of the facilitators of the PACT, he also worked closely with Cde Moupo, Cde Mpho and Cde Lepetu Setshwaelo, Cde Bernard Balikani as Mediator in cases where the PACT arrangement was faltering.  As a recognized political player he was regularly invited as speaker to different political events.  In 2002 he was the guest Speaker at the BCP Congress in Tutume, in 2003 he was guest Speaker at a special Congress of the BPP.  He has also led prayers at the Ledumang Conference of the BNF.  Dr Dibeela and Mr Mpotokwane were also co-conveners of the talks of Presidents in 2006, which collapsed after a short spell.  In 2009 he was invited by MISA Botswana as Speaker during Press Day and he used the opposition to take the BDP government head-on regarding its draconian Media Practitioner Actor.

In keeping with all this he is one of the few individuals who are architects of the UDC.  He played a pivotal role in ensuring that we have the UDC we so love today.  Even when many lost hope after the collapse of Umbrella 1 talks.  He had to drive in the early hours of the morning from Johannesburg to ensure talks continue. To motivate those who had doubts. Rev Dr Dibeela is an author.  His two recent books are Prophet from the South: Essays in honour of Rev Prof Allan Aubrey Boesak, which he co-authored with Prof Puleng Lanka-Bula of UNISA and Prof Vuyani Wellem of University of Pretoria.  If you are into real hard-core black politics and you don’t know Prof Allan Boesak, then do a little research.  His second book is a fictional called Shades of Colour.

He is a great preacher, a great speaker and an implementer of high quality.  He simply gets things done regardless of how tough situations may seem.  His writings dating back to the 1990s have continued to challenge the BDP government and addressed issues of poverty, an overly centralized economy, the folly of automatic succession, the stealing of land by the ruling elite and many others. Despite the fact that he lost to Dr Madigele by just a small margin, he had a great positive impact in the Mmathethe Molapowabojang constituency, that in just 10 months of campaigning.  The BDP could not afford to have him in parliament that is why they fought with everything they had in that constituency.  They are simply afraid of his intellect.  He is a mover and shaker.  A man who loves peace and unity. A great family man. That is just who he is.

Remember the Kairos Moment is here.

Vote him to the Vice Presidency of the mighty Botswana National Front