Our education system is in tatters

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 22 March 2016   |   By Shathiso Tambula
Students results continues to drop every year Students results continues to drop every year PIC: RICARDO KANONO

The Botswana People’s Party notes with utter shame the education system of Botswana geared at deliberately maintaining economic inequalities and unfair competition amongst the society. The rise in the number of private schools and the subsequent rise in the number of parents sending their children to private schools cannot be observed without noticing that, it is the privileged members of the society who shall forevermore enjoy providing quality education to their families. It is the same people who have been beneficiaries of the provision of a flawed education system by the Government. In most cases, it is not farfetched to observe that it is the same decision makers who send their children to private school and thence caring less about attending to the disaster that is our education system.

The BPP also takes this moment first to commend the Botswana Public Employees Union for not only seeing wrong with the examination results but going an extra mile to look into the root of the problem. BOPEU has re-brought back to surface what we have all along being saying as the BPP. Since the inception of the Botswana cabinet, we have advised that failure to respond to the needs of a nation within identification of challenges will result in lax Government that diverts attention from pertinent issues to non-starters. This has come to be shown by amongst other things the education system. The tradition of re-deploying and recycling ministers and of hiring and firing of the same has not yield any results. The problem is not with individuals appointed to lead the ministry, the problem is and has always been the structure of the ministry.

We take pride in the fact that BOPEU has finally agreed that the growth of Botswana’s population has been ignored in planning for educational needs. This is what we have always posited. We have also back then just after independence of Botswana noted that the country is taking an educational path of skills mismatch where graduates will not be able to be assimilated into modern day society. The chickens have finally come home to roost and there is no turning backbut to heed the alternative view long provided by the BPP. We are also encouraged that other progressive forces have finally come to the realisation that the view of the BPP equals the future.

At the Botswana People’s Party we believe in providing alternative views to problems and challenges encountered, and sharing such views and alternatives is essential to bringing meaningful change to Botswana. It becomes problematic for any Government not to take heed of advices advanced by stakeholders such as BOPEU which is certainly the primary stakeholder in the public service. It is our understanding that BOPEU has a significant number of teachers as its members and hence its reaction to this examination crisis or a ‘fiasco’ as they chose to call it is of a valued future. We implore the Government of Botswana to seriously consider dividing the Ministry of education into three for a considerable amount of time that the current problem will have been averted. The current path of our education system is a ticking time bomb.

Yours in the struggle,

Shathiso Tambula