THE OBSERVER: We are all products of sex!

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 22 March 2016   |   By Simon Gabathuse
THE OBSERVER: We are all products of sex!

The whole topic of prostitution, homosexuality and abortion is not going away and hence wishing it away will not solve the challenges the society finds itself having to handle in looking into these matters. The world has tried to deny the existence of homosexuality, yet rights activists have kept the topic hot and needing attention. Some have posited that homosexuality is a social orientation phenomenon yet some have argued or a biological formation. I doubt it matters if whether it is a result of social construction or that it is a biological set up.  Those advocating for abortion have also been resilient that they have explained all details that the world needs to hear, Botswana included. Their arguments range from the right of a woman to not bear children due to varying circumstances to age, health, economy etc. Those advocating for prostitution have broken the societal norms of taking about sex but have highlighted how that will reduce stigma, how sex workers will be able to be engaged in health practises safe for the nation including enrolling for prevention and care in HIV / AIDS related health practises. All in all these arguments and confrontations are about sex and related to sex. We should openly, freely and liberally talk about them for we are all products of sex. 

Those who have issues with homosexuality, prostitution and abortion have advanced their views in reference to religion. They make reference to the scripture and do not have any other explanation but reference to the word of God. We have forgot in the process that we can’t be in apposition to judge on behalf of God for we are just too mortal to take such a stand. We can only pray and hope that during judgment day, our deeds will equal acceptance into heaven. I am inclined to believe that denying sections of our society their liberal rights does not make us more of a religious nation that other nations. It is also a question of forcing religion down the throats of those who wish not to believe in the existence of God. I am not saying they are right or wrong, I am merely refusing to judge their choice not to believe. I am a mortal man. 

That is why it is stupid to ignore Botlogile Tshireletso when the world is listening to her and moving along the direction she is demanding that this country should consider. Development that we so much yearn for come with the understanding that people have to make choices regarding their bodies as long as they don’t kill one another. Why should selling one’s body for sexual pleasure and monetary benefit be of concern to the next person who is not interested? Those who want to sell sex should be allowed to sell and those who want to buy must be allowed to buy. Besides, we still buy either way, just that the methods of buying vary from equation solving to the next. The equation might be solved through buying one alcohol, paying rent, affording on a job, affording one political support, paying for one’s groceries, giving one a lift to work or to school or to the village over the holidays. We all essentially end up buying sex just that in recognised instances it is seen as being in love. That you provided housing in exchange for sex and not e-wallet does not make you any better.

We live in an era where we are losing more lives to backyard abortions than ever before. The kids mature at a rate that has never been heard of before. They engage in sexual activities leading to unplanned pregnancies. For the fear of their parents, neighbours, relatives and peers who are going to preach to them God and sin as much as it suits them, they end up commit illegal abortion. Some are forced to commit abortion by their married sex partners. It is not their fault that they have been born into a society that continually adjust what morality and ethics is. We find ourselves in a society where what is morally and ethically unacceptable today will be the in thing and acceptable the following morning. We find ourselves in the middle of an era where sex seems to be more enjoyable with a married person than a single. This is not the fault of these kids but the fault of the society that has made sleeping with a married person not only acceptable but enjoyable, besides we are all products of sex. 

Those who are arguing against prostitution, homosexuality and abortion are not shy to mention the name of God and play a religious card. They are simply selective as this are the same people who went quite when Festus Mogae and his team cut water supplies, boreholes, government resources and food baskets at the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. One wonders where their God was as they did not bring his name up when Basarwa needed them to do so at their hour of need. The same people were labelling Basarwa as living a primitive life and shouting that Basarwa should join the main stream society. Such people were putting on cosmopolitan suits and facial make ups that makes them look more like European dolls than people. The same people aspire western civilisation, live in western designed houses, went to western schools and even gave their sons and daughters western names. Due to all these factors, they saw Basarwa as primitive and needing to move from their tradition and citing then that culture is dynamic. Those pretending to be of more morale standing than the rest of us must sustain this notion that culture is dynamic. In their sustaining that culture is dynamic they should be able to realise that homosexuality, abortion and prostitution have become a part of our culture. They will realise that sex has ultimately taken its rightful position in debates and discussion rightfully so because we are all products of sex and will experiment with sex. 

Back then when the issue of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve was being discussed, those who supported Festus Mogae and his team in forcibly removing Basarwa from the CKGR were hell bent on mentioning how the world has moved on and that Basarwa have been left behind. The people who said this are Batswana. The people who said this are us as a nation.  The same people, the same nation is once again moving goal posts and seeing abortion, prostitution and homosexuality as not in line with tradition. When such an argument is defeated, they propose to engage the name of God. My take is that they should just take a seat. They should let those who are able to divorce emotions from debates engage on these matters. Speaking of emotions; prostitution is sex without emotions.  

Botlogile Tshireletso should be supported in her cause as a woman of resilience who refuses to allow those judging people to prosper. She continues to keep the liberal debate hot and take head on those labelling others for simply being of different orientation and preferring different options. Yet the in a bid to derail them from their cause intended to disturb the excellence of liberal views, the name God pop up. This is not correct. They are moving the goal post as and when it suits them. It is totally unfair. Botlogile Tshireletso is simply trying to support their views that the world has moved forward and that decriminalising prostitution, abortion and homosexuality will actually bring some sense into the society as this issues will be discussed more openly. Stigmatising these matters is not making these matters go away, it is essentially making them more adventurous and adventure is fun. Let us allow everyone to openly talk about sex, we are all products of sex, no one should claim to own the monopoly of sexual issues, reproduction, creation alone, we are all simply and equally products of sex and trying hard to play better than the rest simply doesn’t make sense, it does not exempt you from not being a product of sex for we are all products of sex. 

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