What’s your deal Mma Dow?

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 22 March 2016   |   By Anonymous
What’s your deal Mma Dow?

Miss Dow I am concerned or should I say me and my counterparts from different institutions your ministry have generously sponsored to pursue their studies, we are concerned. Lately we have watched and listened from different mediums as you made headlines concerning the way you are handling issues raised by students from different institutions. To me I dub your conduct as “poor” to say the least. Let’s be real Miss Dow, was sacking the students and forcing them to reapply the only way you could have addressed these issues? It is astonishing how you were so quick to pass your verdict without proper consultation; I mean we have student representative councils whom you could have engaged to bargain the student protests.

One would have thought as a prominent judge the country has ever produced, you would have handled these issues differently into a legal perspective. After your verdict we have not seen the students settling rather the escalation of students protests and such process shouldn’t happen from without a cause. There has to be something causing it. What’s next, are you going to continue sacking them? With all due respect, who does that mean! I thought you will be different from your predecessors who have dismally failed the students of this country. Honestly I was ecstatic during your inauguration, knowing with your professional background you will bring sanity to the educational sector which has been riddled with inappropriateness. Now I am skeptical about you mam!  

There are so many issues that your ministry needs to look into concerning the welfare of the tertiary schools especially in private institutions. A lot has to be done in these institutions! Numerous issues could be raised but to be concise we are literally not happy. We are tired to be looked as lucrative tools by these tertiary managements rather than as clients. For heaven's sake, we are the ones who are going to pay back the millions of Pula’s in bursaries your ministry is giving us from public coffers. As a mother to us I solemnly expected you to fairly advocate for us, be quick to listen and take verdict after proper consultation.

It is high time your ministry sat down with our respective representatives to resolve these issues. It will be an intelligent move to set  one on one meetings with student representatives. You will be shocked the amount of worthlessness and hopelessness these students are feeling. I believe by doing so you will be a step ahead to resolve these endless mushrooming of angry student protests. Please relook at your approach to these issues because if not you are going to give birth to a disgruntled, unhappy and unqualified graduates, which will be against your ministry mandate which is to produce skillful, competitive graduates.

How can your ministry expect these students to be skillful when they do not have a conducive environment to equip them with those skills? How can they be recognized graduates globally when our industry does not value their diplomas? At the end of all these our poor fellow tax payers money will be drained away. This chaos must end Mma Dow. You are the one to cease this havoc; you are the only hope for these students. Like you used to bring justice in that court room I expect you to bring justice to these tertiary students. I expect you to call on the student representative council union to your office to hear their concerns. Our lives are degrading here. What is even worse when we raise our concerns to the relevant management we are threatened to be expelled from the school. Please do not turn out to be like management of these institutions, be a mother to us and also consider allowance increment.


 BA Journalism student 

Limkowing University