Government despises its own workers

SHARE   |   Monday, 04 April 2016   |   By Khumoekae Richard
Unity Dow at the Teachers Day Celebration last year Unity Dow at the Teachers Day Celebration last year

It is not Unity Dow. It is not Master Goya. Neither is it Fidelis Molao. The trio is just the temporary loyal servants of the Kingdom that is Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). Some of them have been initiated. It is a clan, evil in nature. It is a fascist grouping, wicked right from the bone marrow. It is a mafia establishment, cruel to the core. Talk of diabolism! We said it before that:
"It is all war between the government and trade unions. Of all the battles that the Regime has waged against its people, the most nail-biting one is her tussle with BOFEPUSU, a federation of public sector unions in Botswana. By the look of things, the power tussle between the two brings back to life an evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin called Natural Selection (1864) and understood to mean 'Survival of the fittest'—the term coined by the British polymath philosopher, Herbert Spencer. For the case at hand, the re-emergence of the theory is not in its strictest scientific meaning — but loosely, in the twisted Social Darwinism view of 'only the fittest species will prevail'. Watching the cut-throat brawl between the two elephants, [BOFEPUSU and Government] it is only appropriate to opine that only the one that will employ timely fighting tactics brewed from sharp brains of shrewd strategists will survive these dramatic political vicissitudes, in the end, 'only the fittest species will prevail'. (Richard, 2014: The Scandalous Murdering of Democracy pp. 195)

Unity Dow with her arrogant attitude, is in pains in explaining the Botswana Examinations Council (Amendment) Bill, 2015 (Bill No. 16 of 2015) — an Act to amend the BEC Act. The move seeks to circumvent the law and coerce the Teaching cadre into performing the duties which are not theirs but BEC: exams invigilation and marking! This is tantamount to beating one's partner into submission. Needless to state, the courts of law ruled that those are outside the scope of Educators work. They want to reverse, diabolically like a bully man would do to her battered wife, the gains made at Courts. They write that the Minister may direct … We are not kids. We can read between the lines to decipher the hidden, albeit not hidden agenda. We know what that means under despotic Military Juntas and Governments. The component is a game changer. It is not inconsequential as the Ministers purports. Why would they change the status quo then? Poignantly, in this fracas, this Regime fails yet again to embrace dialogue. It detests and shuns inclusive governance. The Regime says to the workers: "I am the boss, go hang!" In fact this 'democracy' sold to us by the BDP fails the democratic test.

"At the height of 2011-public servants strike and its aftermath, the Regime exhibited all kinds of authoritarianism departing from its 'perceived' democratic nature. Since then, the Regime has not looked back and by the look of things, it is not bracing for ceasefire anytime soon. They have intensified, sharpened and advanced their weapon — stoking speculations that horror awaits us as a nation. The workers have been the hardest hit… The government of Botswana after the 2011 Public Service Industrial Action moved swiftly to enact repressive laws that saw the scope of essential service widening. She unilaterally incorporated teaching services, diamond sorting, cutting and selling services, and veterinary services effectively altering the schedule of essential services. The classification of the mentioned public servants as essential service came about following the abrupt and hurried amendment of the Trade Disputes Act (2003) by the Minister of Labour on 14th July 2011 — introducing a new one, to be specific, the Statutory Instrument No. 49 of 2011…The government's tussle with unions has revealed the true character of the Regime as it shed off the façade that has fooled many to believe Botswana is a shining example of democracy in Africa. Such an exposure, to some of us, has demoted government and placed her to where she belongs: a camouflaged violator of human rights" (Richard, 2014: The Scandalous Murdering of Democracy). Unions must approach Courts of Law. Teachers must down tools.  We stand by and with the workers. We offer solidarity to our Educationists: the Teaching cadre!
Khumoekae Motsabakedi Richard