An open letter to the GC mayor

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 12 April 2016   |   By Lesedi Dintwe
Gaborone Mayor Kagiso Thutwe Gaborone Mayor Kagiso Thutwe

Firstly Sir, I am very much aware that you have not been around long enough to appreciate the real problems and/or concerns besieged the residents of ‘your’ city. No! I will be writing intermittently to discuss the efficiency of your occupation of the office of Mayor of Gaborone City on the same matter(s). This installment will focus on public transportation system within the city. I know Sir, that for a village boy who comes to the city for tertiary studies, it may be exhilarating to have a combi route that passes by the gate of the University of Botswana but that hardly answers the question for the vast majority of the city dwellers.

Let me bring your attention to the plight of a commuter from Mmopane who may be employed at the University of Botswana campus (exempli gratia) as a cleaner. It may take three combi interchanges (BWP10.50) and/or a good three hours to reach their workplace... And you are the Mayor of the city! I want to argue here that the introduction of a metro bus service is overdue and feasible. I am convinced that your municipality has enough resources to purchase the buses and if not may consider PPPs. I suspect a deficiency of ideas and/or leadership is the main impediment thereto.

I extend voluntary assistance and urge you therefore to initialise processes towards the introduction of an affordable intra-city bus service. For the record Sir, councillors (or any elected representatives) are paid out of public coffers and misrepresentation or wasted opportunity to represent such as the recent motion of Councilor Yellowman Kgosietsile is a waste of public funds and should not be allowed. As the accounting office, the Office of the Mayor is accountable for the gaffe and I pray it does not repeat. 

Another matter is the purposive inaccessible road infrastructures within the city. It baffles the ordinary mind why the road link between Bull and Bush (see how we give directions? Your fault too) and Broadhurst Industrial has up to this date not been paved. Why has your municipality blocked both roads linking Gaborone's exalted Main Mall and the iconic African Mall? Many other neighbourhoods in the city await the council's realisation for the need for access roads Sir. I aver also in advisory that calling oneself "His Worship" in radio advertorials is just NOT on! Not mayoral. 

M Lesedi Dintwe

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