THE OBSERVER: Ignatius Moswaane is just being an irritant!

SHARE   |   Monday, 25 April 2016   |   By Simon Gabathuse
THE OBSERVER: Ignatius Moswaane is just being an irritant!

The rubble rouser that is Ignatius Moswaane should just accept that the days when the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) easily got scared when people behaved as if they were on their way out to the opposition are over. He must just recollect himself and appreciate that he is just an ordinary MP and that there is nothing special about him. The opposition does not even seem interested in recruiting him. He is just behaving terribly and badly for a national leader. It is not possible that one can always have clashes with his own party members and claim to be on the right. He is wrong. He is the problem and he must rectify himself. To borrow from Honourable Ndaba Gaolathe, Moswaane ‘should revise his conduct otherwise the people will revise it for him’.

Perhaps the BDP Regional Chairman Ford Moiteela, who is alleged to have physically advised Moswaane, was merely trying to revise Moswaane’s conduct. Moswaane was being blamed for running a parallel campaign for Phillip Matante Ward by-election. In a normal situation, at any political party, all efforts are welcome. But it will appear from the grapevine that Moswaane’s efforts have not been welcome. He must pause and ask himself why his assistance is not needed. He must look back to those who have been treated the same way, the causes, effects and where such a treatment essentially leads. It leads to being retired by the voters at an election. I hope I am not sounding rude to posit that the name Moswaane has become synonymous with trouble making. He is seems to enjoy being in the news for the wrong reasons. This is a clear lack of the potential to inspire hope and decency in the society. To be blunt to Moswaane, his attitude is too raw to be contemplated.

Moswaane seems to have forgotten that before one can actually contest for national elections, he has to go through primary elections. The way he is going, he is simply digging his own political grave. People of his conduct never find their way to Parliament for the voter has of recent realised that the power is in the ballot. In the event that Moswaane wants to return to Parliament, I will suggest to him to introspect on his behaviour and start behaving in an appropriate manner. Appropriate behaviour in this instance is what his party, the Botswana Democratic Party views as correct and acceptable. The BDP has never been good at allowing ‘high school hostel mentality’ to exist within its ranks. Such behaviours have been encouraged at other opposition parties such as the Botswana National Front (BNF). But the party has also since ditched such tolerance. The BNF ditched Lemogang Ntime and Gabriel Kanjabanga for such tendencies. The new political dispensation shuns altogether behaviours that seem to be threatening and blackmailing. It is not advisable for Moswaane to continue with this behaviour unless he does not intend returning to Parliament.

For the purposes of the reader’s memory, Moswaane is the very gentleman who went out for an all ‘war’’ with Whyte Marobela sometimes in November 2013 regarding the BDP primary elections towards the Francistown by-elections that were subsequently ‘won’ by Dr. Habaudi Hubona of the Botswana Congress Party (BCP). This was after the unfortunate death of the then Member of Parliament, Tshelang Masisi (May His Soul Rest in Peace). Moswaane is the same gentleman who at one point went out loud that he doesn’t respect his own party’s caucus. It becomes difficult to tolerate leaders who do not respect the collective voices.
Moswaane’s behaviour is not peculiar or exclusive to him. It has been shown by other fellows like him before who ended up being retired by the voter. The immediate person who comes to mind is Pono Moatlhodi – the MP for Tonota South and former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. The people of Tonota South simply retired him through the vote. He seemed unstable; he will say something today and a totally different thing tomorrow. Unlike before, we are at an era where the voters are quick to observe these kinds of tendencies and ensure that such people do not return back under the banner of national representation.
It was fashionable at one point, particularly during the days of the hype created by the formation of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) that BDP leaders were handled with kids’ gloves for fear that they would defect. Those days are over. The BDP has recollected itself and fighting for survival like any other party in the political dispensation. But it appears Moswaane is left behind; he still has signs of trying to scare the BDP. The BDP is, on the other hand, not getting scared but rather irritated. We hear that there are almost four BDP aspiring candidates for Francistown South constituency, amongst those being mentioned are Andy Boatile and Solly Reikeletseng. These two are all favourites of mainly A-Team faction. If not careful, Moswaane will find one of these being pitted against him at Francistown West in the primaries. I can bet that it will be a difficult space for Moswaane to survive.

The truth is that those who are defecting to the opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) are doing so not necessarily that they have a conviction. The defections are rather based on personal pain than any national pain. Moswaane does not come across as someone who will cross to the opposition because of national pain. He had such an opportunity during the water crisis when he shed a tear in the National Assembly. He did not cross. Vulnerable as he was, it also appears that the opposition did not recruit him. This should worry him. He is not the darling to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party nor to the opposition. If this does not worry him and encourage him to change tact then I doubt he is worthy of strategic calculations. In the event that he is not worthy of strategic calculations then I am afraid he does not belong in the National Assembly.
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