COMMENTARY: Let’s fight illicit drug trafficking and use

SHARE   |   Monday, 25 April 2016   |   By Staff Writer
We could put these trained sniffer dogs to escalate the fight against illicit drug trafficking in Botswana We could put these trained sniffer dogs to escalate the fight against illicit drug trafficking in Botswana

Anyone with a young growing child or planning to have one should be worried about the world they are going to bring them up in. It is a world engulfed by extreme evils. The situation is worsening by the day. It is a world increasingly ruled by drug lords, paedophiles and all. In fact these are curiously keeping a watch on the birth rate to determine the extent and value of their future market. Barely have our children left houses to start at kindergarten than be confronted with these heartless predators. The age of induction in the drug imbibing world is reducing at an alarming rate as drug Lords fight for control of terrains and market. They have marked the city and country into their own control zones and spheres unbeknown to inhabitants. At hand now is how prepared are parents to protect their children and what is the state doing to ensure that these illegal activities are banished once and for all.

Are parents doing enough to show care and love for their children? Or are parents too busy in their working careers and pursuing their dreams than care that when they enter their lofty offices their children at the other end are exposed to all dangers when at their schools and between schools and their homes. At worst children in class are not of the same upbringing; some in class are vulnerable agents of the evil. They are used to lure their unsuspecting classmates to the terrifying world of drugs and even Satanism. Parents should know that children are not safe anywhere. As soon as they step out of the house, they face all sorts of tests. Hence they are urged to step up their care. They should know that as parents they are the primary care givers of their children. Teachers come second and so do the police or anyone else. We urge the police to step up the war against drug trafficking. They should as a matter of urgency secure sniffing dogs and have such in every police station. It is shocking and embarrassing to hear that drugs easily pass through our borders because of the limited number of such dogs in the police use. What this means is that drugs are easily produced and dropped anywhere in Botswana.

A recent case where a drug haulage worth over P60m was detected on entry into South Africa after being allowed through by our customs and border police should stand as a national humiliation. This is the second case in a few months after another truck loaded with illegal cigarettes was allowed through our borders. Why are our borders so porous and what else are we allowing into the country through this carelessness? We should and must scale up our border control, crime detection and drug detection systems or else we are easily turning this country into a paradise world for the drug Lords. With that the future of our precious children, brothers and sisters will forever be ruined. Government must quickly capacitate crime fighting agencies through securing sniffing dogs and all that is necessary to fight this scourge. Parents should not take things for granted and believe that their children are safe when at school or anywhere else. The criminals are forever plotting ways to nab them for their selfish ends.