Sexual predators belong to jail - Majaga

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 17 May 2016   |   By Polson Majaga
Polson Majaga Polson Majaga

This is Polson Majaga’s statement regarding allegations of an amorous affair with a schoolgirl (THE VOICE newspaper-Friday May 13, 2016). The VOICE newspaper on its Friday May 13, 2016 issue contained allegations that created an impression that I have impregnated a 17-year old school girl. The fact is that these allegations are not true and are misleading. I emphatically deny that I have had any form of sexual contact with the alleged girl. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.

However, as a leader, the safety and wellbeing of all our children (both female & male) are of utmost concern to me and my office. The blatant abuse of the girl/boy child can’t be justified under any circumstance. Therefore, I will always strongly condemn all forms of sexual assault or misconduct or any harm visited upon our children who are the future and will take our country forward. Any child molester, it doesn’t matter who they are, what their title is, sexual predators belong to jail.

I also want to say that just like any other citizen; I am prepared to submit myself before law enforcement authorities to advance properly any investigation (if deemed necessary/appropriate) without undue pressure or influence from any quarter whatsoever to clear my name. As such I would not comment in detail. However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with the unnamed teenager is again categorically untrue. I do not intend to dignify these allegations with further comment. I would like to thank my family, well-wishers and my beloved constituents for their outpouring support and I assure them that, I am doing my best work to represent them. There will be no further statement from myself.

Thank you.

Hon. Polson Majaga, MP
Nata-Gweta Constituency