The Failure That Is Moeng Pheto

SHARE   |   Sunday, 07 September 2014   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang

Mr Editor please allow me to respond to allegations made against me and the Botswana Democratic Party by one Moeng Pheto whom the local media has allowed in the past week to trample upon me and trample upon the truth in the same process. It will not be fair not to allow me to respond to this once upon a time BDP hopeful. Let me begin by high-lighting that I am engaging Pheto not in any party capacity but just as an ordinary concerned youth of the BDP.

Recently in the local media, Pheto posited that I have been sent by the BDP to focus an onslaught against him. I think Pheto is losing it. He is positing that he was made aware that I will write about him as I did a few weeks ago. It is sad that once again, Pheto has taken the route of being economical with the truth. My name is M. Lesedi Dintwe, a Botswana Democratic Party loyal and life member; a youth who knows between right and wrong, a youth who does not suddenly view the party as wrong and bad simply because I have lost internal party elections.


I am shocked Pheto has forgotten us so quickly. Indeed losing BDP primary elections only a few months ago has affected badly Pheto’s memory lane. I will not hesitate to remind you. Pheto was recalled by Mogae and we pleaded that another option be provided. Of course, when I say we, I am referring to elders who tried hard to persuade Mogae. As young people who continued to work for our elders including Pheto, especially Pheto, who was the weakest link and all the human resources had to be focused on him. We were aligned to such thoughts as is the nature of politics, we align with those we are comfortable with. It is the reality of internal party politics.

Mogae assigned Pheto to the Ministry of the Labour and Home Affairs where his performance rankings were a disgrace to Botswana Government, to the BDP as a ruling party, to us who worked and toiled for him and to him as a human being. President Khama could not avoid the pressure anymore, he then dropped him from cabinet. I repeat, Pheto is the only former soldier who served in the just ended parliament and was not in cabinet. Why? 


I stood with Pheto even when Vincent Seretse was clearly on our throats by all means possible on political ground warfare. Pheto was just not saleable. Because he had reached his sell by date, selling him to the electorate became impossible. Within our hopes and dreams, we continued to try until we were beaten by Seretse’s campaign team.

Now here our differences became clear. Pheto started avoiding us and we heard through the grapevine that he was going around the constituency saying he has been cheated. We were shocked. Those of us who worked with the group were shocked, we were shocked that a man who had reached his sell by date was now saying that he has been cheated by a new product on the shelves.


We could not tolerate that; we had and we still have an obligation to protect the BDP. When we took the membership of the BDP, we also in the same process, took that constitutional responsibility to protect the BDP. Only that it is quite odd as we are protecting it against those we have fought so hard for and protected throughout the years of failing the BDP, failing themselves and failing us the youth.  Such is the likes of Pheto. He is nothing but a man afraid of losing power.

Pheto has really become comfortable too quickly as a typical opposition character. Kana he just left maloba but he speaks of the BDP as if he was never a part of it. 


I repeat that it is sad to be engaging Moeng Pheto in a public space but he has left me with no option. We are young and have not given up on the BDP largely because we did not join the BDP for positions of power. Unlike Pheto, we joined the BDP for its vision and hence we don’t get angry at the BDP when we lose internal party elections. We respect such processes and appreciate that political tactics of winning come with the political territory. Had he not lost primary elections to Seretse, Pheto will not be saying all these cheap about the BDP. He will be praising it.


I remain,

M. Lesedi Dintwe

Gabane - Mmankgodi Constituency

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