Open letter to Charity Kgotlafela (BOT50)

SHARE   |   Monday, 23 May 2016   |   By Moxx Gaolape

Dear Charity
I have just gone through an article online where you are quoted saying that BOTS50 sidelined Promoters because Promoters do'nt pay artists. In the same article you continue to say the Minister is waiting for us to consolidate as he proposed at Limkokwing, and thats when you can engage us. Now why are u engaging artists whereas they are so divided to a point that they petitioned your office today? What I want you to understand is that we know all those meetings are a PR stunt by the Minister and you are also buying time until Sep 30. You talk about Promoters not paying artists. Didn't those artist tell you that they are made by promoters and we need each other to survive?

Look, this is not about money to us. Its morality and dignity this nation deserve. Everyone knows that some of you in the board are in debts owing banks and Doctors and are using BOTS50 as a cash cow to service their debts. We are going to expose you. We are taking this matter to PRESIDENT KHAMA cause you are misrepresenting his goverment and his efforts to develop this nation. Reya go le porota. Our next stop is OP. We know you give him false reports. You guys are busy messing up the industry and after September its us who will be cleaning your mess.

That should be the last time you talk about us. And oohh I forgot you are the same Charity who failed at Vision 2016 board and you are coming to mess up another project ya Batswana. You dont have any proven track record of a successful project that you have run yourself and you are busy criticising promoters who built this industry when you were still a radio dj.  I need to dig deeper to understand what makes one to sit in these Boards.

Moxx Gaolape
Events Promoter