THE OBSERVER: The BMD is unable to inspire confidence!

SHARE   |   Monday, 23 May 2016   |   By Simon Gabathuse
BMD President Ndaba Gaolathe BMD President Ndaba Gaolathe

Painful and sad as it sounds, it must be said that at the moment, in its current structure and stature, the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) is not showing any signs of maturity. When a political organisation is unable to show signs of maturity within itself, within its internal space, it equally fails to inspire confidence that it can show maturity at national governance. Sadly, but true, the BMD of today is at the space where it can only but close itself in the house, debate amongst itself, for a moment, for a while forget about national space and concentrate on itself. It becomes impossible to trust your neighbour who tells you how your curtains look ugly when that neighbour does not have curtains at all. You simply look at them with outmost sympathy, that they need help yet they deny it. You simply look at them and wonder what you have in your storeroom, or boxed somewhere in your garage that you can afford them to use as curtains. For you know only when they have curtains over their windows, can they be able to have a conversation about the beauty or ugliness of curtains. The BMD is at that stage of life where though without curtains themselves, want to talk about their neighbours’ curtains. The BMD of today wants to talk about normality yet in abnormality. The BMD of Ndaba Gaolathe has failed to emulate the BMD of Gomolemo Motswaledi.

It will be unfair to label the current BMD situation as ‘cracks showing’. These are not cracks, these are holes, holes that will take time to fill up and be levelled. The organisation has entered an era of denial, an era of refusing to deal with its problems and rather look out for anything or anyone passing the streets to blame such for their woes. These woes can equally be said to have been created by refusal to take advice. Many have advised the BMD before, but in its hype and over confidence of occupying the fastest growing party in the country, it allowed pride to become arrogance. In arrogance, no one takes advice; the BMD of today did exactly that. But as all are aware, chicken have come home to roost. Arrogance has become the cancer that is eating away the very growth that inspired it.

In learning to deceive, the BMD of today has also learnt to deceive itself, it has learnt to tell itself a lie repeatedly to a point that it equally believes that lie to be nothing else but biblical truth. It will appear that the BMD has also in the same accord benefited fraudulently from the unsuspecting citizen who has been sold a lie. One does not have to look far but simply to stories of assassination and hit lists that have been coming from the BMD of today itself. At one point, when they began, the nation believed these stories with pain and anguish, with anger and agony. The nation has since grown beyond being sold a dummy. The nation has graduated. The BMD of today, on the other hand in believing its own lies, has further graduated to being obsessed with paranoia that nothing else but creation of fiction has become their daily bread. They are unable to survive without this daily bread.

The BMD managed towards the 2014 General Elections to sell a lie that a very honourable man in Gomolemo Motswaledi, the founding president of the original BMD, was assassinated. That lie has come out in the open embarrassingly. The BMD collected money from the nation positing that an enquiry into the Gomolemo Motswaledi car accident was going to be expensive and the nation must contribute. It is has come to light that at the time that there were collecting money; one of their own, Sidney Pilane of the original BMD had already offered to pay for all those costs including feeding and accommodating the pathologists. In essence, the BMD and its crime partners knew they were lying, they knew they were being untruthful to a nation. This is the gravest political crime we have come across to witness in Botswana politics.

In the realisation that the people are waiting for not only the report of Gomolemo Motswaledi investigation, but also how their money was used, the BMD of today and its crime partners started peddling doubts on the credibility of the pathologists and their suspicion on him colliding with Pilane to temper with the report. Another lie that they invented and continue to believe as their biblical truth. Paranoia. In the process of this they have implicated everyone they differ with to have been a part of Gomolemo Motswaledi car accident. Paranoia. The paranoia has now moved to the BMD activists and some grains of their partners in crime insinuating that they are not obliged to release the report because the government did not release the Segametsi Mogomotsi report. This is a deviation of the matter at hand. Interestingly, amongst the BMD of today are those that were party to the refusal of the then government to release the Segametsi Mogomotsi Report.

The BMD of today is not even thinking of this simple fact when pronouncing their paranoia in public, that if there is anyone who knows the contents of the Segametsi Mogomotsi report, such people  are mostly within the BMD itself. Paranoia. Failure to release the Gomolemo Motswaledi report will continue to present the BMD of today as nothing else but day dreaming liars who need mental help. This is not what the original BMD was about. The original BMD was built on what they then termed – aspirations of the people – and not lies; paranoia and fiction presented purely to deceive the voter. In the current situation of preserving whatever it is that is being preserved; the BMD of today has dismally failed to handle a very small issue; a non-starter. An issue of an individual membership.

The BMD itself which had said overtime when it lost members to the BDP that all members are equal and that no member is bigger in stature than another are the very ones proving that Pilane is a bigger member than the rest of the lot.  The membership of Pilane has been elevated to all sorts of fiction never imagined before. No one is coming out clear to say what exactly is the reason that those pro Ndaba Gaolathe fear in recognising Pilane as a member except that they fear a humiliating defeat at the next congress. It has become apparent of course, that the whole thing centralises on fear that the Ndaba Gaolathe camp will once more lose an opportunity to be elected into the National Executive Committee of the BMD as it happened in their last elective congress in Ghanzi. For the BMD of today, fear extends beyond this; it extends to membership of Pilane. Furthermore the pathologist sleeping at his house is being used to fight a game of numbers.

It appears in beyond lying to itself and believing the same lies, the BMD of today is not capable of anything more. It is not capable of being a meaningful partner in the Umbrella for Democratic Change as all time is taken either arguing over the release of the Gomolemo Motswaledi report or the membership of Pilane. Beyond that, the BMD of today has only managed to hold successful fund raising activities such as charity walks, beauty pageants and braai sessions. This is what is coming across as the main strength of the BMD of today; fundraising. The BMD of today is failing to inspire confidence, failing to inspire a vote that it can be trusted with national governance. The BMD of today is failing basic reasoning skills. It is an organisation at war with itself, and sadly so, the BMD of today is a political organisation angry at no particular target but itself. The BMD must rise above this and go back to the drawing plan and consider the original intention. How I miss the original BMD!
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