BCL sets record straight on fatalities

SHARE   |   Monday, 20 June 2016   |   By James Molosankwe

We wish to provide some perspective about your article on your publication of June 05, 2016, entitled “19 die at BCL in five years”. We read this article with concern and disappointment. It is clear that this article was published without verification of facts, especially regarding the tally of fatalities recorded at BCL in the mentioned period of five (5) years. While we have decided to address you on this article we do not want to drown ourselves in the blame of victim game, as safety in mining is regulated by law and remains a high priority in our operations.

Moreover, we bring to your attention that misinformation about safety record or performance is not only serious but dangerous as it has explosive implications on mine’s reputation and confidence of the investors. The significance of adequate reporting and its precision helps the business in risk assessment and its adequacy.We, therefore, wish to state exact and correct information about BCL fatal incidents relating to the period referenced in your article. Please note that in the last five years, BCL recorded 14 fatalities and not 19 as you have reported. These regrettable incidents happened against the company’s safety record of all-times of 5, 057,149.2 fatality free manshifts recorded between 7th July 2010 and 19th September 2013. This is an equivalent of three years and six months.

This means that BCL has recorded no fatality in the years 2011 and 2012 and for the majority of 2013. I look forward to your reply by publishing and correcting this error of statistics as it has critical implications on our safety and business performance.

James B. Molosankwe
Manager – Marketing & Public Relations
BCL Limited