THE OBSERVER: BCP is finished

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 28 June 2016   |   By Simon Gabathuse
BCP president; Dumelang Saleshando BCP president; Dumelang Saleshando

The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) must fight hard to ensure that the cooperation talks between it and the UDC partners materialise. Its life is without question dependent on the UDC and its partners. It is longer a question of whether the BCP wants to be a part of the UDC or not. It has become a question of the BCP having to be desperate and showing that desperation with outmost remorse of what transpired at Umbrella One talks.  Pretending to be a lifesaver when in ICU is only but insanity. Without the UDC, the BCP must just know that its existence is history. It shall be recorded in the history books as a party that was once mogobagoba. It shall be recorded as a party that allowed empty ego to finish it off.

The President of the BCP in particular must go out of the confused cocoon and advocate for immediate entry of the BCP into the UDC fold without conditions. I have argued in this space before that the BCP has nothing to its weight to be considered an asset. It must appreciate that it is being taken in by the UDC as a needy organisation. It needs to be clothed, fed, bathed and housed. Otherwise its death, out there alone in the cold; is inevitable. It has even become difficult to refer to it as an organisation. It looks and sounds more like something in a coffin. The president of the BCP is a man walking the streets. He was defeated hands down by a political novice. His argument and that of his party that he was beaten by the late Gomolemo Motswaledi (May his soul rest in peace) from his graveyard is a deliberate plot to avoid the appreciation that he was hard beaten by the UDC which he and his party had shunned and attempted to distract. The fact remains that the President of the BCP and his party were the major distractions of 2014 elections.

The BCP has allowed itself to be a laughing stock. It should have immediately after the 2014 elections applied for membership into the UDC. There must not be anything like the BCP negotiating with the UDC. The issue at this point in time should be clear that the BCP is pleading to join the UDC. The UDC is wasting its precious time by engaging the BCP. The UDC simply has to give the BCP a timeline for membership application. When such is accepted, the UDC should move to give BCP the two constituencies it has and a few wards it might deserve. When the BCP rejects such a generous offer, it must be shown the door and be finally laid to rest in 2019. The behaviour of the BCP if allowed to prevail will intoxicate the political space. The UDC is equally wrong to have agreed to sign some form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the BCP for by-elections as this gives the BCP a wrong idea that it is meaningful or worthy of negotiation. The UDC is also failing itself; it must be seeing the BCP for what it is - a finished project that has no future or breath of life outside the UDC. This is a polite way of saying if the BCP does not join the UDC then it must equally disband. The UDC must avoid selling itself short and make sure it takes a radical stand against the BCP. That should include a possibility of asking it to disband.

The UDC must learn to play the part. It should have refused to sign the MoU on by-elections with the BCP. That will have allowed the UDC to contest the Ramotswa Kelemogile ward by-elections with both the BDP and the BCP. This will have gauged the true level and strength of the BCP, if any. Though we all know there is none left. This will, however, have proven to the BCP that its life has been left in the tattered dustbins of history. This is what the UDC needs to do, to simply annihilate the BCP or worse enough, ask the BCP to go back to the BNF where it came from. The BCP might as well just join the BNF as a group member since the constitution of the BNF allows for that and in the process the BCP will be happily an indirect UDC member under the BNF. That is what they deserve; they have nothing to show for any negotiation to take place. They are only coming to consume the glory that was built, when they were busy being a distraction. Why should distractors be treated with kids’ gloves? Distractors are enemies, and in politics it is only idea to crush enemies when they don’t surrender. The BCP in its failure to surrender must be crushed beyond post mortem recognition.

The defection of Bagalatia Arone, Member of Parliament for Okavango, to the BDP has long been on the cards. At one point Arone was even said to be contemplating to join either the BNF or the BMD. That was when he was still considering the UDC as an option. The UDC must blame BCP for losing an MP to BDP and the UDC must tell the BCP off. The BCP is an arrogant establishment that without a single grain of breath wants to be taken into the battle field with Goliath. The UDC, on the other hand, is showing signs of stupidity and desperation. It still does not make sense why the UDC seems to be suggesting that the BCP has any meaningful numbers when the BCP failed to get such numbers in the past elections. Worse enough, the BCP continues to loose people. It has lost its former Deputy President Ephraim Lepetu Setshwaelo and has recently lost Bagalatia Arone. We must not forget that the BCP has also lost Lotty Manyapetsa, Thato Osupile, Ditiro Majadibodu etcetera. The list is endless and shall continue to grow.
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