Respect BNF leadership

SHARE   |   Monday, 25 July 2016   |   By Nakoentle Farouq Katisi

The BNFYL takes this moment to condemn the recent uncalled for attacks on the newly elected BNFCC. We note with dismay as some comrades from the contracting partners in the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) attack the members of the newly elected BNFCC, particularly experienced comrades in the names of: Cde Moeti Mohwasa and Cde Dr. Elmon Tafa aka Cde Moore who is actually the highest voted. A lentswe la ma BNF le tlotlwe!  We are shocked that Cdes whose first duties should be to protect the leadership of UDC's contracting parties are now aiding the BDP in sowing seeds of rift between us.

Perhaps comrades should be reminded that in this UDC "re beile botsetsi". It is therefore important that where comrades have differing or rather unpopular opinions, they should be responsible enough to voice them in a constructive manner. This UDC has put under one roof autonomous movements which their autonomy and independence must be respected. Let's us learn to co-exist comrades. Because such behaviour is a first account on the newly elected leadership, we reluctantly and deliberately elect not to name the culprits. Though we are capable and competent enough to address them personally and batter their egos, we reject to do that for now.

We consciously choose a diplomatic way to address the status quo, but comrades must know that in the future they will invite stinging wrath and venom from the BNF youth league should such unpalatable conduct proliferate or repeat itself. In the interest of peace and also guided by maturity we choose to warn such agents. We, therefore, call on the leadership of contracting partners of the UDC and indeed all opposition parties to reprimand and instill order and respect on their comrades. Let the BNF Leadership be respected. ‪#‎as‬ we prepare our troops for political combat in 2019.‬

Nakoentle Farouq Katisi
Botswana National Front Youth League
Publicity secretary