SHARE   |   Monday, 22 August 2016   |   By Sam Ditshego

“Every election is rigged in one way or another. People have to pay attention to the way things are couched. They keep saying that voters are getting more sophisticated every year. They were probably saying the same thing two hundred years ago, yet voters are the same dupes they’ve always been. And what is a dupe except someone who lets himself duped? “It’s still only the top-line message that gets through. Everything is ignored”. The above quote is from Confessions of a Republican Operative: How to Rig an Election (2008) by Allen Raymond with Ian Spiegelman. Republican Front runner Donald Trump says the November elections are going to be rigged in favour of Hillary Clinton and has urged his supporters to be vigilant. He has a point and he knows what he is talking about. To learn more about US elections and elections in general, readers should google The Illuminati Always Win the ‘Election’ and The Illuminati-Staged US Presidential Election by Michael Shore.

If one goes to a list of rigged elections around the world in Wikipedia, South Africa’s 1994 rigged election doesn’t appear. Only the 2014 election is mentioned. The PAC had won the 1994 elections but the West, in cahoots with the ANC and National Party, swindled the PAC because the West didn’t like PAC policies. Also not appearing in that list is Botswana’s 1984 rigged elections which ended up at the High Court in Lobatse and was won by the Opposition Botswana National Front led by the late Dr. Kenneth Koma. Dr. Koma began complaining about rigged elections from the first elections when Botswana gained its independence in 1966. In 1984 the ruling Botswana Democratic Party was caught having stolen elections in Gaborone South constituency. The case went to the High Court and a by-election was declared. Dr Koma won by more than 700 votes when in the rigged election he had lost by a hundred and twenty votes to the then Vice President the late Peter Mmusi. It was in 1984 that the capital city Gaborone and major towns in Botswana were won by the Opposition.

 The ANC had been ‘winning’ elections until President Jacob Zuma tried to move away from the choking grip of the West and leaning towards the Guptas. He appointed a Minsiter of Finance who wasn’t approved by the West and South Africa’s white ruling elite represented by the Ruperts, Oppenheimers and Wiesses felt Zuma had crossed the line. Zuma’s move let to the plummeting of the Rand to an all time low because speculators had moved their money out of the country sending the rand crashing. It has been reported that during the secret negotiations between the ANC and representatives of the apartheid government that were brokered by the imperialists, it was agreed that the ANC government would cede control of the Ministry of Finance to those white ruling families and the Reserve Bank would be under the Rothschilds or privately owned. As it is right now, these white families are supposed to be consulted as to who becomes Minister of Finance. In fact, Johann Rupert called Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa after Zuma appointed Des van Royen as Minister of Finance and asked him what was happening.

I guess readers are aware of the public spat between Edward Zuma, President’s Zuma’s son and Johann Rupert. There was also a public spat between EFF leader Julius Malema and Rupert at about the same time. However, some bank executives made Malema and Rupert to smoke the peace pipe. They are the same bank executives who apparently sponsored the EFF’s London trip where Malema addressed, among other organisations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). RIIA is one of the organisations that are behind world domination by the West. To this day Malema’s speech to RIIA can’t be accessed because of the Chatham House rule. EFF supporters should ask him to make that speech public. The ANC is also not worried about that speech that’s kept under wraps because they arean organisation of western allegiance. Let me go back sixty years ago when HF Verwoerd was assassinated. It was the same white families and the Anglo-American empire that were responsible for the assassination of Verwoerd. Dimitry Tsafendas was subjected to MKULTRA mind control to kill Verwoerd. Prior to his assassination of Verwoerd, Tsafendas was seen visiting a foreign ship that had docked in Cape Town harbour where he received his mind altering indoctrination through drugs and other methods. Why was Verwoerd killed? He was killed because he had set up a one man commission of inquiry to probe the stranglehold the Anglo-American empire and these white families had on the South African economy through their monopolies. Fifty years later the Anglo-American empire and the same white families are still controlling this country’s economy and ordering their African puppets around.

Tsafendas survived the noose by reason of insanity but he wasn’t insane. Those who sent him to kill Verwoerd were so powerful that they probably instructed the Broederbond judge who heard Tsafendas’ case to declare him insane. Verwoerd’s successor, John Balthasar Vorster was also bought off to quash an inquiry into his predecessor’s assassination. Tsafendas died at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital outside Krugersdorp in the mid 1990’s when the ANC was in power. The ANC leadership never cared to investigate Tsafendas’ case. The same way they never cared to probe the presence of Colonel Hugyhe who killed Patrice Lumumba in 1961. Hugyhe, a Belgian national lived in this country for more than fifty years after killing Lumumba and was exposed by the Mail & Guardian about five years ago.

The point I am trying to communicate to the reader is that it is these same white families and their imperialist backers who decide the outcome of this country’s elections, not the voters. They decide our destiny. If they don’t like your party the way they hate the PAC and the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) then you’ll never win any election. By the BCM I am referring to Azapo, SOPA, Black Consciousness Party and other BC oriented formations. Let me buttress the point I raised in the preceding line. Is it conceivable that the National Part and the DA could get more votes than the PAC in the 1994 elections? The PAC had beaten the ANC hands down in the 1994 elections but was swindled. The NP got twenty percent of the votes and Democratic Party which is now the DA got seven parliamentary seats, two more than the PAC. The DA continues to grow while the PAC’s electoral performance continues to decline even before there were factional battles within the PAC. If the ANC can get rid of Zuma, they are going to rig elections in favour of the ANC. The ANC will win elections again.  The West has now manipulated local government elections in such a way that there’s no clear winner. Who prints IEC ballot papers and supplies software for IEC computers? Do you have faith in the electoral system? Are we in control of our country?