Open letter to Minister Kgathi

SHARE   |   Monday, 22 August 2016   |   By Khumoekae Richard
Kgathi Kgathi

Hope this letter find you in good condition the Hon. Minister of Defence, Justice and Security — who knows nothing about Defence, Justice and Security! Here is an abuser who, through the law, issues fake statements on the maintenance of public order as Minister of Defence, Justice and Security. His mess is still evident at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture: his mess is too filthy to be cleaned. It is called Youth Unemployment and Underemployment. You issued an ill-researched statement that exposed your intellectual bankruptcy and failure to comprehend basic fundamentals and principles of human rights. You are a criminal who issues orders to ‘sjambok’ innocent and peaceful demonstrators — the poor lot who have been made poor by the nepotistic and corrupt system of yours; whose only crime was to silently speak to their MPs concerning their plight in placards. Phutso mo go wena!

I wasn’t surprised or shocked that there was brouhaha, in fact an amplified fuss by callous legislators in Parliament whose sole existence is to make oppressive laws; some paragons of corruption; some self-confessed bootlickers who sang and mentioned my name as a ring leader. This foofaraw was later joined by some political imbeciles’ who traded shenanigans in the social media and corridors — many who are still in slumber not realizing that leaders are destroying their country. Shamefully and rapaciously they do so while they grow their bellies and fatten their wallets while the youth are roaming the streets: unemployed! Some like you are forever shining.

Let us remind you: you were a Minister of Youth but failed to emancipate us. Hon. Minister Shaw Kgathi (then a Minister of Youth) when you were delivering a keynote address to officially launch the bogus Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) you warned that: "Across the world, young people face real and increasing difficulty in finding decent work with each passing day. Youth unemployment has become a threat to the social, economic and political stability of nations. The situation of youth unemployment thus deserves urgent attention as it threatens to violate the principles of equality and solidarity between generations, which is an important aspect of social justice. In addition, while unemployment destroys the economic and personal welfare of all those affected by it regardless of age, the destruction is most pronounced when it occurs at the fragile start of one’s working life."

What has changed Minister? You rise today clad in deceptive attire purporting to speak peace yet you are the same person who rightfully observed & warned that youth unemployment has become a threat to the social, economic and political stability. You thought this will not catch up with your country Botswana? Did you think it was meant only for Tunisia or Egypt? The English call it, speaking with a forked tongue! You hide in wrong rhetoric of misinterpreted laws and want to scare us: with your huge body outside, you behave like the big bird — an ostrich which will bury its head in the sand, forgetting that its huge body is fully exposed outside. You deliberately fail to admit that the rising police brutality is a threat to national peace. You shift blame. You sing a boring song that does not have a melody and chorus — just incoherent, unpleasant sounds of public order. How do you starve your kid, and when he/she tell you 'Papa I am hungry', you beat him/her up? How callous and sadistic!

You arrest us and me in particular — yet you fail to charge us and me in particular. I demand to be charged sir and prosecuted if I am a criminal. To the best of my knowledge I am not a criminal and will never become one. I don’t know why this government has an insatiable appetite of demonizing activists of social justice, a penchant to paint black all dissenting voices. That is not democracy but a sham. Do you still remember the book I authored back in 2014? Yes, 'The Scandalous Murdering of Democracy'. Yes that one. Go and buy it, read the following: "There is no doubt that we are already at cross-roads especially that the ruling elites are now bereft of any concrete and meaningful ideas to intervene in the skyrocketing unemployment problem affecting youths especially — that is despite Botswana being amongst the richest countries in Africa. As such, the 'defining moments' in as far as the future of the youth and peasants is concerned, has fast approached. It is now upon the youthful generation and the impoverished workers to 'define the moments' or let the 'moments define' them….With huge verve, they shall march bravely and gleefully to the dreamland; a place where their affairs are taken seriously. Mountains shall be moved and no weapon formed against them, shall prosper. No one and indeed no one will stop them: not even the seemingly bloody-thirsty vampires in the DIS squad masquerading as security intelligence agents. "

Yours truly
The poor young soul arrested for nothing; who was not even charged
I remain your humble son
Khumoekae 'Motsabakedi' Richard