Open letter to Hon MP Tawana Moremi

SHARE   |   Monday, 29 August 2016   |   By Shine O. Namane
Open letter to Hon MP Tawana Moremi

I hope this finds you in good health Hon MP Kgosi Moremi after you had a field day in your Kgotla with Hon Minister Maele. Hon Moremi, you and your tribesmen will forgive me for being a bit unreceptive or hard on your wayward behaviour that you are alleged to have exposed to Hon MP and Minister of Lands and Housing, Prince Maele during his visit to your Kgotla. You will also excuse me for being so intolerant at your behaviour assuming may be that is the way you do things. Please allow me to use both languages to buttress my points of disapproval. Hon. Moremi, sometimes you need to stop and introspect at your behaviour. If what I read from The Voice newspaper of August 19, 2016 is true about your utterances, then ona le lenyatso   mo go Tona Maele (You do not respect Minister Maele).

Why you responded so nastily, it baffles my mind. You wouldn’t do this to Rre Mokalake because one omo tshaba ka gore he didn’t mind that you carried Okapi knife for protection. He would have taught you a little bit of botho.  You either take advantage of Hon Maele’s stature or you are being tribalistic, he is a Motswapong and you are a Motawana. Your tribe must also be blamed for your bad behaviour because they never criticise you, let alone say ga go buiwe jalo mo Kgotleng. How dare you say all these to the Minister in a Kgotla and your people applaud you to show approval that you are brave enough to say the Minister is lying? Wasn’t there a professional or diplomatic way of disagreeing with the Minister in front of your people? The problem is that you think you own Batawana so much that whatever you say is final. Wasn’t there anybody who could have disapproved your behaviour towards the Minister and apologised? Hon. Moremi, it’s high time you tone down and relax.  Your behaviour is up to zero tolerance. Find out why your behaviour is so outrageous and correct it. Sometimes to know God has a very good implication.

Repent Hon MP and find someone like Hon Biggie Butale to lead you into repentance. Kante gone o role model ya ga mang ka maitseo aa bobe jaana rra? (Who are you a role model to with this disgusting behaviour?) Opposition politicians are credible MPs and you are on your own land. I wish your party should have a word with you on your behaviour and advice you accordingly. You don’t deserve any respect from anybody who loves him/herself. I don’t even think you ever meet with other reputable lawyers and ask them to evaluate your behaviour. You can still change for the better, nothing is impossible.  Lastly, forgive me once again for being so intolerant. Somebody has to say it, and I chose not to be intimidated and take the bullet. Your behaviour doesn’t represent bogosi, MP and lawyer. If your ego is not tarnished, I believe you would apologise to Minister Maele. I rest my case.
Shine O. Namane