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Public servant strike in 2011 Public servant strike in 2011

Workers are the bloodline of every economy. These are the human beings who happen to be the sovereign owners of all natural resources within any country, the voters, remember? No citizen is supposed a beggar but a fully entitled being whose fundamental human rights of access to a safe and comfortable dwelling, clothing, well balanced meals, love and belonging and self-actualisation need to be met without fail in a civilised and dignified society. Governments the world over are required to make it immediately possible that such needs are unconditionally available to all. The continued feud between the Botswana Government and public sector workers, the largest in the country thus far, has far more reaching negative consequences than ever imagined by the spin doctors of the government of the day. How can you wish to create employment when those in the system still feel not fully employed – under employed? How do you drive an economy on a disgruntled and vindictive work force?

The escalating cost of living makes it appropriate for workers to demand pay rise. Workers of Botswana have since gone on combative drive against their Government. Their voting patterns and covert sabotage have been felt countrywide as hit lists have been compiled, implemented and education results engineered to show failure. The issue in Botswana is not about the availability of funds more than it is about attitude. An example here is the Millions worth of expired drugs that are usually burnt while many on the receiving end fail to receive their medical prescriptions. It is a well-known and documented fact that corruption in the Local and Central Government has since reached unprecedented levels as funds aimed at community development find their way into pockets and work comforts of employees through collaboration with shop owners to inflate invoices and share the loot. This is clean and undetectable corruption that has now brought this country to a stand-still as far as growth and room for all to part-take the national cake is concerned.

Allow me to focus on a tiny bit of the problem – the development of sports as an employment creation avenue for multitudes. The government of Botswana does not pay teachers for hours spent on the development of sporting personalities yet it expects them to be fully committed in developing as many career sports persons as possible. Many potential sportsmen and women roam the streets unemployed yet out of 31 Olympics sporting codes we normally manage to qualify for only two, three or four, losing out on millions that sportsmen and women make in seconds. In conclusion, this kind of graft by public workers cuts across all sectors of employment, there is an adage doing the rounds that 'all have to eat where they are employed'. The time it takes for the cogwheels of bureaucratic red tape to turn in Botswana has made it non-competitive for landlocked and single commodity Botswana to attract investors. A happily employed worker will find no reason in diverting their energy and public funds for personal gain. It therefore goes without saying that to inject energy and productivity into the economy, to create jobs, goods and services, there has to be productive and happy workforce in place. So to create employment, take good care of the workers, they will grow the economy and create fulfilling jobs for all citizens.
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