Hands off the President!

SHARE   |   Monday, 19 September 2016   |   By Eddie Mdluli

No one is perfect. Even men of God are not. All our previous Presidents excelled in the areas they thought needed their full attention at the time. We should appreciate that. That is why I look around and feel sorry for whoever will come after our current President. I hope he or she will continue or do better than him. It is not a secret that President Khama has done his best and excelled where he could. He has failed in some areas simply because he is only human. But one thing that I would have wished the President did before vacating office is to visit Gaborone North. As a man who pushes service delivery, I trust he will immediately see the need to construct a tarred road in the area.

There's zero development in this area except water pipe tranches that give residents some hope that one day they will have stand pipes. One investor said they shun the area at the moment because there are no services and yet this place is the fastest growing. Development of roads is of prime importance to any country for investors to come and create employment. Shortage of land in and around Gaborone has made developers move to the north of Gaborone. This on its own should provoke Government to move fast and provide services in the area. One had hoped that the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) would have been extended to areas such as Gaborone North. So far we are only praying that we are not left out for good.

Lastly I want to commend the Directorate on Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) for nabbing the culprit who posted a picture of our Number 1 citizen in an inappropriate manner. He must be prosecuted accordingly so that such acts do not have room to grow in our society. Our culture does not allow us to tolerate such behaviour. Well done DISS! I feel proud and actually safe to be in Botswana. This fact should not be taken for granted but appreciated.

Eddie Mdluli
Jackals No 1