P10m not for ‘blessers’ – We need tarred roads!

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 24 January 2017   |   By Eddie Mdluli

 When I arrived in Gaborone from the December holidays the first person I met asked me if I have heard that all constituencies will be given P10m every year for the developments. I asked him to wait for April fool for such jokes, only to find out that he was extremely serious. I asked him a lot of questions which he could not answer. I told him how that system has always failed in some countries not far from us simply because of misuse of funds or in short – corruption. I am informed this money will be controlled from MPs’ offices and not even the district council at the least. If all this is true, I would beg the Gaborone North constituency to prioritise the tarring of roads in Gaborone North. Residents in this area have invested a lot of money building houses for themselves whose value is being reduced by horrible roads accessing the area. Gaborone North should not be over looked or undermined. Residents in this area can determine the ultimate winners of the 2019 general elections in the area.  Please treat this area as priority. I hope a deep and extensive research was made before this serious decision was made. It might be good for ensuring speedy developments in our areas but reality is the high risk involved. P10m is a lot of money and should be used prudently. Otherwise it will be an abuse of Batswana's taxes. For non-corrupt leaders who have their people at heart, this might work out nicely and bring hope and positiveness to the citizens. I hope those responsible in handling these funds will not be tempted in using it to bless their few friends. Again, it is my prayer and hope that the money is used properly. I am motivated by this development to formally announce my candidature for my constituency in a few months. I encourage more young people to participate in politics and stop complaining in dark corners. I plead with our leaders, be it in government or more especially churches, to voluntary step down when the people who voted them in lose confidence in them.

Eddie Mdluli


Jackalas No. 1

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