Opinion: Nation divided by opportunists and selfish politicians

SHARE   |   Monday, 20 February 2017   |   By The Eye Witness
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A decade ago our beloved country was highly ranked for their economic progress, ideal and practical democratic principles, and respect for the rule of law and good international relations. Though our foreign policy has never been really clear, by then our relationship with other countries particularly our neighbours were a cordial one. The opposition and ruling party were cooperative despite the fact that they were sworn enemies. National tragedies and setbacks were taken as a time to come together than a time to fight and accuse one another. The national principle of Botho on which this nation was built on was highly respected and upheld by the young and the old, the educated and the illiterate, the sense and pride of belonging to the country Botswana was shared by all the economically challenged, the wealthy, the disabled, the less privileged and the ordinary Motswana trying to make a living on the street. Today the opposite is the daily order in a country that was once regarded as a haven for socio economic political stability. The morals have been highly eroded by the selfish and opportunistic politicians. The nation lives in anger; the natural disasters, deaths and other unfortunate occurrences are used as an opportunity of reaching out to the hearts of peoples and to show them that there is someone else better out there capable of representing them and their needs in a much better way. There is no dialogue within the concerned parties; the egos of the politicians are bigger than their levels of reasoning and thinking. Everything is politicised from the funeral, marriage, accident, death, failure at business and at school, awarding of tenders to literally just everything and anything that you can think of. The nation is divided by people who are power hungry to the point where they will do just anything to remain in power and or get into power. Morality and Botho have decayed and are eroded to the satisfaction of the politicians.

When educated politicians know and see that the world markets and economies are not doing well, they fail to acknowledge so by telling their constituents and the nation. They keep on giving people a selfish wrong impression that all shall be well, granted the opportunity to lead they shall do things better. Even when countries that are giving them donations for election campaigns are suffering from economic stagnation’s and regressions they do not acknowledge so and yet they know that much of our market is depended on what happens in other countries.  The people are saddened by the thought that someone is having money and using it for themselves and for the benefit of their family when in actual fact those spreading such propaganda are fully aware of the real economic status quo. Gaining political mileage and support by exploiting the people’s lack of knowledge is the order of the day. When the politicians are benefiting from the programmes of the Government of the day they do not share that with their voters let alone their fellow party members. They enjoy the benefits and invest in lodges, manufacturing companies and develop ties with foreign heads from as far as USA and Hungary. The message they spread across is that the programmes for the government of the day are enjoyed only by members of the ruling party and their families. The nation is misled by opportunists who are pocketing thousand and millions and yet spread a totally different message for the purposes of winning votes. Dishonest men and women who go to bed every day knowing that they are spreading the message that they do not believe in because they believe in the status quo and they are benefiting heavily from it. Many youth are full of anger and hatred towards the government because they feel they are being sidelined, but they do not ask themselves how many politicians including oppositions ones have profited greatly from such programmes, and they do not disclose it. How unfortunate to be robbed day light by an opportunistic election seeker. The tendering process is often marred with irregularities and favouritism. Under the Government of today opposition party activists just like any other Motswana are winning tenders like a particular man from Shoshong whom I shall not call by name. Yet they inform the nation that tenders are reserved only for certain people and their families, unless they want to tell the nation that they form part of those families then they need to explain how they are winning such tenders and yet they are not proponents of the government of the day. Innocent youth wishing to tender are discouraged and told that under the government of the day it is impossible unless you belong to their political party. Many are clueless and yet following the wealthy comrades who are taking advantage of their ignorance.

Accountability is such a rare quality in both ruling and opposition politics. Whilst the ruling party is too arrogant and too pompous to account to the people who have made it what it is, the opposition feels they do not owe anyone any explanations and accountability on critical issues yet they present themselves as an opportunity to the long time failing rulers. We cannot have opposition claiming they will account on issues such as the Motswaledi Report only when the BDP has accounted for reports such as Segametsi’s and the Venson-Moitoi special assignment. Accountability when UDC is in power is not going to be based on whether the BDP was accountable during their time. My view is that UDC is not going to follow that pompous route; however they must start accounting now over such small issues and small monies especially because they always insist on holding the government accountable. The nation was divided by the death of such a good leader and people profited out of it. They do not wish to account for it until when they will release a fake report in 2019; such will not be allowed to go by unaddressed. If UDC wants us to get rid of this government then they need to start showing now that they can be trusted. Trust is not bought with donations from Labour Party and other fraternal friends like DA and other parties; it is earned. There are a whole lot more issues, most of which are just malicious propaganda aimed at dividing the nation, seeking the voters’ attention and propagating some individuals to societal levels which they have not duly earned. I urge all politicians to be truthful. Times have changed; people can no longer be bought with neck stretching T-shirts, soups, bread and free rides in big cars. Wise up ladies and gentlemen and be accountable to us for we invest time, faith and hope in you. We shall remind you when election time comes.
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