Who has access to President Khama?

SHARE   |   Monday, 13 March 2017   |   By Keletso Desiree Mokobi

Dear Mr. Tlhalerwa,
This is our third year of strife in the Republic of South Africa (RSA). Despite several letters to President Khama informing him of our plight, we have received deafening silence from the Office of the President, since February 2015 when Vice President Masisi instructed me to write to his superior instead. Mr. Tlhalerwa is this due to the fact that as ordinary downtrodden citizens we are of no concern to His Excellency?  Or is it Private Secretaries such as yourself who undermine our rights to justice and consider some Batswana more equal than others?  In particular, I had hoped that over and above your professional duties, you had an interest in justice being served in this instance seeing as our small Republic means we are interrelated, and you shared kin with my late father.  I am desperate for my daughter, a third year student at UCT, to be supported with fees. After supporting her for a year, my mother has abandoned her in Cape Town and refuses to communicate her reasons for this. My mother in law has also relinquished her responsibilities and duty to her grandchildren and defers to my mother. It is when parents abandon their children in foreign lands and the government cares less, that young women end up as commodities on the streets and in brothels.

Keletso Desiree Mokobi
Via email