BNF vows to help UDC win 2019 General Elections

SHARE   |   Monday, 13 March 2017   |   By Justin Hunyepa
BNF vows to help UDC win 2019 General Elections

The Botswana National Front (BNF) Central Committee will be conducting nationwide tours immediately after the Tlokweng Constituency by-election. The purpose of the official tours is to among other things to update the membership on the recent developments, appreciate the state of the party and help resuscitate the party structures. The party also resolved to hold its July Conference in Kang in the Kgalagadi North constituency. The CC has vowed to fully engage its membership so that they help the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) win the 2019 general elections. The party will also work hard to win all the constituencies under the BNF ticket. In preparation for this, the party plans to hold its primary elections between December 2017 and March 2018. The BNF has also resuscitated the party school under the tutelage of renowned academic and long time party activist, Secretary for Political Education Dr Elmon Tafa. All party members are invited to attend this important and worthwhile party activity when the team visit their area. On the Electronic Voting Machine, the BNF supports the initiative taken by BCP to take the matter to court. The party supports and encourages other social forces to join them in challenging this matter. The party will continue to liaise with other UDC partners to organise a number of activities around the country to sensitize Batswana on this latest suspicious voting machine.

The BNF CC is also concerned by the deafening silence of the State President, Dr Ian Khama for not issuing the Writ of Elections for Tlokweng Constituency. Honourable Same Bathobakae passed on almost four months ago, creating the vacancy. The President is deliberately dragging his feet on the writ so that he can drain the coffers of the opposition UDC and wear them out. The BDP is also reported to be waiting for the closure of Parliament so that Cabinet Ministers and other BDP MPs who have unlimited access to public resources are deployed in Tlokweng. The BDP is involved in bitter internal factional battles and it is clear that the President wants his Botswana Democratic Party to stabilise first. He also wants the BDP to push their campaign agenda which is trailing behind that of UDC before he could announce the writ. The BNF is concerned with this blatant abuse of office and lack of independence of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) which reports to the President.

The BNF CC is therefore appealing to the party members and the general public to assist with raising resources for the Tlokweng Constituency by-election. These will help in matching the BDP machinery which has accumulated resources from companies through extortion and underhand tactics. The BDP is going to use public resources to mobilise and campaign in the Tlokweng by-election, hence the call for assistance from the UDC members and other well wishers. Donations can be delivered at BNF offices and referenced funds (Tlokweng by-elections) deposited at FNB Account number 6205 7682 637 (Branch code 282867, Main mall). For further assistance contact party Treasurer Hon Noah Salaakae (7635 1962), National Organising Secretary Hon Tona Mooketsi (7622 4271), Campaign Manager Hon Kagiso Tshekega (71722519) or visit BNF Head office.
Justin Hunyepa
BNF Publicity Secretary