Nkate desperate for spotlight

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 21 March 2017   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Nkate desperate for spotlight

Jacob Nkate, parrying from outside the playing field, has resurfaced in the scuffles of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) internal party politics albeit belatedly. In a radio interview last month the former envoy was fidgety on which position he sought to contest but promised to "listen" to the will of maDomkrag. He later submitted his intention to contest for the position of Secretary General with an impression that his consultations had directed him so. It beats the ordinary mind then why he would follow up with another interview to a weekly newspaper wherein he is reported to have stated his will to contest for the chairmanship and eventually presidency of the party. These events portray Mr Nkate not only as an indecisive individual but one who is also desperate for the spot light. Every organisation has its own ethos and promotion of personal interests has never been the agenda of the BDP. Members should never allow self to be used for the furtherance of personal ambitions. The newspaper interview quotes Mr Nkate saying: “I am supporting Masisi for the Chairmanship position but when we go for Special Congress before 2019 elections I will challenge him for the Presidential seat.”   

It is this statement that leaves a sour taste in the mouth as it in no way speaks to the plight and or aspirations of the party but only strokes Mr Nkate's own aspirations and or ego. Until Mr Nkate dissociates from these reports, we are bound to hold them as true account of his intention. The propensity of the former Secretary General to take internal matters to broadcast media is shocking, to say the least. Had Mr Nkate consulted with members of the BDP as he stated in the radio interview, he would know that it is not about himself nor any individual. The current party agenda is to recoup the glory of our yesteryear electoral performances. It will also be in Mr Nkate's interest to reconnect with the party to appreciate the current discourse after his hiatus in the diaspora. In all honesty and fairness, Mr Nkate needs to be reinitiated into the party and needs alliances more than anyone else to resuscitate his flailing political star. By this advisory, one calls on Mr Nkate to reconsider and or withdraw his media statements to connect with the BDP faithful. It'd be in his best interest to follow the party programme of activities and/or as established by the Chairman of the party.
Moagi Gaebine