Opposition should walk the talk

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 21 March 2017   |   By Banks Ndebele
Opposition should walk the talk

A thought hit me recently and it really left me a worried man. I think the opposition should be concerned about the possibility of a combined opposition losing against the BDP in the next election. This is something that as opposition collective we should ensure it doesn't happen because should it happen, the last hope for the emancipation of Batswana will have gone up in smoke. We should ensure victory by all means, by hook or by crook. Going into the next election, we should march with chests out, imposing postures and intimidating confidence to wrestle power from the fatigued BDP. We ought to start behaving and conducting ourselves in a manner that suggests without any iota of doubt that we are indeed an alternative government in waiting. We should start speaking truth to power. We should begin, if we have not yet started, stating our alternative policies to the BDP failed ones. We should tell Batswana, in unambiguous terms that which we will do for them if they entrust us with the all-important role of governing this country. We can’t just rely on goodwill. No, we should be convincing. This is paramount. It would not be enough to just dismiss the BDP without offering what we belief would be our alternative to that which we dismiss. That should be our focus and indeed our winning card. It is not coming out clearly at the moment and that is surely a source of grave concern. We need to correct this anomaly quickly before we lose much.We have done enough of dismissing the BDP and all that it stands for.

Now it should be all about us and what we promise to Batswana when we take over. They need to know now. They should not second guess us. No. They should hear us in unambiguous tones. The tendency of using lame defence to elude the test of accountability is something we should desist from forthwith. If we say we want to do things differently from the BDP, let's walk the talk. We should surely start acting differently.  I have heard comrades saying "But BDP does the same" when they are called to account. No, we cannot be found to be operating in the same space that the BDP is operating on yet we say we want to replace it and its ways.  It just can't be it. We can't say we will change or do things differently when we are now in government.  We ought to show it now, not tomorrow.  We are to be judged now if we really make the grade. What guarantee does the voter have that we will change for the better when we are in government if we can't demonstrate it now when the burden of governance has not yet weighed on us? No! A government in waiting should vigorously sell its alternative policies. That is the most important element in competitive election. Let's go this route now in preparation for the takeover. Let us start practicing to lead and leading well. It is important.

Banks Ndebele