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Water pipes run dry at Jackalas No 1

SHARE   |   Monday, 15 May 2017   |   By Eddie Mdluli
Water pipes run dry at Jackalas No 1

At Ramokgwebana, Senyawe, Tsamaya, Tshesebe, most importantly Jackalas No 1 water pipes are running dry. There has been no water in the area for almost three months now. This is not an exaggeration. About 10.000 people in the area have been left to suffer in extreme circumstances. Jackalas No 1 village is rich in history and has produced a lot of big names and inspiring individuals, including one of the youngest medical doctors in the country. This is the last village when you exit Botswana to Zimbabwe. Tourists pass through this village almost every day from and to Zimbabwe. This village was the first to launch Vision 2016 because of its full commitment towards the vision of this country. It is one the cleanest villages in Botswana with a population of about 2000 people. We appreciate the Junior Secondary and Primary Schools we have. We also appreciate the clinic though it's due for expansion. We have a BDF camp by the border though the problem of illegal immigrants who are terrorising residents in the area is reaching alarming levels. But all in all, it is the water crisis that is the main concern in this village.  Life is not easy for residents. Those used to surviving through backyard gardening are no more in business. Shockingly all dams in the area are full to capacity, but water distribution is a serious challenge. We have been told water pipes have to be replaced for many months now and wonder what type of pipes can take such a long time. Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) must wake up and treat this situation as an urgent matter because it is unbearable and unacceptable. If anyone has to be fired for sleeping on the job, let it be. We have suffered and it is enough. Our last hope though would be to pray that the President visits Jackalas No 1 soon, especially that he has never visited us. I know water will be availed to residents a week before he comes and be closed again a week after his departure. They do all these in all areas where the President visits.  I am very positive our water crises will be a thing of the past if someone would tell the President about the crises we are facing. But one wonders if this is the best way to get service delivery moving in our country?

Eddie Mdluli

Jackalas No1